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We have Lift OFF!

yes little Corey James walked tonight.

Came home from daycare and ate KFC at the little table with the big boys then he got off the chair and WALKED unaided the whole 3-4 steps to Mummy with the biggest grin on his cute little munchkin face!

ok so 3-4 steps isn’t much but it was gorgeous.

sometimes you forget when you are busy with a million ‘things’ the special bits….I love that I can see his face light up when I walk into the room…that’s pretty darn special.

my baby’s growing up….and you know…I’m not rushing it and I’m not trying to slow it down….I’m just ENJOYING it! every little bit of it!

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work work work….

wow you have a few days feeling a bit blah and suddenly it piles up….then you brainstorm a bit and suddenly all these new ideas and no time to act on them!  Trying to do it one step at a time.  Top50 is not a stagnate thing – its a living breathing baby and it grows and changes all the time….keeps us on our toes!

Speaking of growing Babies…I swear Corey actually tried to say ‘drink’ yesterday….I’ve been encouraging him as at 15months I think it is time to try to gently push for some language (ie the ear thing means him crying when he wants a drink is getting on my nerves).  He is definitely capable of understanding so much more than we think sometimes.  Certainly he understands ‘sit on your chair’ as he now does as he is told woohooo! You should have seen him eating a burrito for dinner last night!  I thought it would have been a huge mess but amazingly he did really well with it!

oh and on the house note….new toilet is in now AND now the seat doesn’t fall down anymore (will have to teach the kids to put it down now and check b4 I go)! ANd I have someone coming out on Monday afternoon to take a look at the cracks and tell me what I need to do.  Am expecting him to say underpinning (dreading him condemning it but I think that is stuff of nightmares really) and at best case – maybe it only needs partial underpinning…will wait and see I guess!  Will have the written report by the end of next month.

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ok ‘Mum’ next time I’ll listen….

so after a trip my LSS and even them noticing I wasn’t myself etc I took myself off to the dr. Seems that my sore ear was a problem after all….one blocked estashion tube. So more antibiotics (have to take both courses this time) and demazin too to help clearing it up and instructions to pop my ear several times a day (aparently that forces air into/up the estashion tube – which by the way is the tube that goes between your ear and your nose). So that’s cool but then he says if it doesn’t clear up in two weeks off to the ear nose and throat guy and then that ‘most adults can clear it up without the need for grommets! grommets OMG I have officially said ‘it’ll be ok’ for too long….next time I promise to try to take more notice of the nagging to do something about it b4 it gets to that lol!

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Moving on…making plans & facing reality.

getting there slowly.

Been on a bit of a spend up recently – being good now (for a while) I hope..planning to anyway.

Well ok I am spending some money – tomorrow morning while Owen is at kinder the plumber is coming to supply and install a new toilet! YAY (the old one cracked while we were away when the house moved). Both boys tell me they will be able to do ALL their ‘stuff’ in the NEW toilet so lets hope hey! (guess I had best clean up in there and in the laundry a bit today/tonight)!

So moving on…making plans….

Made some phone calls about the house inspection to see what I need to do next. (Thanks Rach for helping me find the numbers – yes I’m slack and should have done it weeks ago). Have made a decision and will ring one back and get them to come over – a lot cheaper than archicentre actually – a builder not an engineer/architect but hey I think ultimately none of them like to recommend underpinning unless it is absolutely necessary so I think this is the right way to go and give me something to go on.

Now just have to pop some tyres on my little shed roof (thanks SUE never would have thought of that) to hold it down before the neighbours murder me because my shed is keeping everyone awake banging all night!

Got some top50 stuff to do – and need to make a quick flit to bunnings and grab some milk and try to get to the Post office too….never enough hours in the day!

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Windy day….blowin’ my shed away…

well ok not yet…can’t see it in the dark but the roof is still banging a bit so hoping it will still be there in the morning so that I can get some roofing nails and have a bash at banging it down more securely (bricks apparently weren’t sufficient to hold it down). Now before you fret we are talking my dinky little wooden framed garden shed – not my scraproom, my office, my haven!

Trying to make some plans or think about making some plans for the year…will see what happens. Ex still hasn’t confirmed the dates I gave him for March, June, October and November but will see what happens.

On the xmas front – well also seeing what happens. He will have them for xmas day – not sure what other time around that but at least now he is thinking about it which is progress.

Anyway I still haven’t been feeling the best (ear/nose etc crap) so have given myself a midnight curfew for the rest of the week…it is looming fast so I had best clear up and head off!

Tomorrow I will find an engineer or give up and call in archicentre as I need to know where to go next on that one!

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lazy day

first weekend since kinder started back again….wow was great to not have to rush out of the house by 8.30am! mind you kinder has been starting at 9am for the first few weeks but well that is still early to have everyone up and dressed and out.

Kids weren’t too bad – apart from drowning the bathroom floor (literally) in order to kill the ants that have taken up residence in the bathroom! I did however mop the floor (just prior to the drowning) so at least bathroom is looking better.

Brett promises me that when we get a new toilet all his poohs will go in the toilet – so will be making a phonecall to my favourite plumber on Monday. I think Monday will be phonecall day – still have to get Owen on the waiting list to see a peadiatric psychologist and get an engineer in to look at the house too. so while the kids spend the afternoon with daddy I might just sit and make phone call after phonecall – what fun! but hey gotta get done and will be ticking things off my to do list at least

Haven’t even gone into my scraproom/office at all today….lost all inspiration to scrap – in fact haven’t even been taking photos…no energy gotta do something about that.

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I can hear you breathing..

I really can Corey James. Often I sit out here and I am typing and chatting online and I have the baby monitor on but the keyboard and my general thoughts and stuff drown out the soft noises from the baby monitor. I can hear if Corey screams but not the soft stuff.

For some reason tonight I came out and sat and stared blankly at the monitor not really seeing anything, not really knowing what to do but feeling I should do something constructive…just feeling a little lost and overwealmed and I sat back and I closed my eyes for a second and I heard the gentle breathing of my littlest man on the monitor – as calming as the ocean and as peaceful. My little Corey James. And I know he will be there cuddling ‘jake the snake’ (thanks to my neices and nephews for that name).

I’m waffling again….just remembering no matter what the stress or the ‘drama’ of my life from one day to the next…most days I have those little arms to hold me and that cheeky little grin to brighten my day….and if it feels like I’ve been through a wrestling match to get him dressed….well at least that it is a fitness routine!

Corey James ok so sorry about the snotty nose etc but this is the most recent one I could find…can you believe THIS is my baby… he is getting so BIG (still not walking).

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Doesn’t matter how FAIR things are sometimes they still suck!

really they do.

Now don’t get me wrong…I totally understand that my ex wants the kids for Xmas this year. really I knew he would. I know I fired off the message I had been thinking (read holding onto false hope about) for some time…the one where I trade every Easter in return for every Christmas. I held onto the illusion that it would work – that I wouldn’t have to face Christmas without my boys….no more…time to be hit with the reality stick. I know I know…Christmas is a long time away yet so there is no point in blubbering over it now. And yet in a way I guess it is better to shed the tears now and learn to deal with it, before it gets here…I don’t want to be waving goodbye to them and blubbering like a baby or they will wonder why Mummy is so sad. I know he missed them over xmas last year (although I still do not understand that he didn’t once ever ring to try to talk to them) but we are all different and we all cope in different ways.

Part of me is angry that he will then have 4 kids for xmas and I’ll have none – I guess it reinforces the bit about being on your OWN and yet I know too that I will be with my family not on my own….basically I am having a bit self indulgent sook!

After all this separation (soon to be divorce) was MY idea. I was the one who stood up and said I don’t want to live like that any more. And truly I am so much happier, healthier and stronger for having done it. And yet I still can’t speak the words that I’ll be spending Christmas this year without my boys without the tears rampaging down my face. And yet did I care at all that HE was going through that last year – not one bit.

It isn’t a perfect world and we can’t all have what we want. It is better to deal with the reality than to hide behind false hope…So I’ll sit and have my cry and try to say the words again without the tears another day. They will have fun with Daddy and I guess really that is what matters. He really is, as I suspected would happen, a better Daddy these day and for their sakes at least I guess in a way I am happy that he DOES want them for Christmas….

well if you have read this far then well done…tanty over….time to get to bed and then move on to a new day. A nearly full day of kinder tomorrow and playgroup then home for lunch and while Corey is sleeping Owen and Brett and I will tackle the assembly of our new swing chair!

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just tooo excited!

What a difference a year makes.

While waiting outside kinder (got there early in a pick up time mixing with their settling in times) today I was thinking just what a difference a year makes.

Last year Owen was excited about going to kinder but when he got there was really unsure and his language skills were certainly not up to expressing too  much about his day.

Also last year I think he did about 3 paintings – for the whole year! He really stayed away from anything arty crafty at all.  AND his description of what happened at kinder never really went beyond ‘we played inside and outside’.  Oh and the BIGGEST issue last year was the battle to be ready on time – which came from having 3 boys (aged 4,2, & under 1) who would not/could not get dressed! Getting dressed was always a HUGE battle so that 9 times out of 10 no matter how early we started we were running late and I was frazzled and grumpy!

This morning Owen and Brett both dressed themselves. Owen put his own change of clothes and drink bottle in his backpack and while I was getting Corey ready he told me that “I am sooo excited to go to kinder Mummy” and on in that theme all day really – too excited to sit still, I’m too excited Mummy. (well I asked if he was excited about going to daycare and he said no he is only too excited to go to kinder) very cute!  And he had no accidents, I still have to go with him but hey that is better than cleaning it and at least he tells me when he needs me! And he told me all the things he played with at kinder and he did a painting! And he helped me to clean/tidy the kitchen then he (and brett) helped me to put get the bread machine going and to make yo-yo biscuits….AND (yes another one) he ate his VEGETABLES at dinner time! Said he likes vegetables IN things but not by themselves on the plate!

my little men are growing up…..and I am just tooo excited….cranky Mummy barely put in an appearance today at all AND I got housework done

AND I finally put up a new banner at digital scrapbooking top50 and changed the background colours to suit AND put up the new menu bar with more thorough links to the rest of the top50 site!  More facelifts coming (well new menu bar for top50 aust and facelift and new menubar for kits) soon.

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I found it!

yes I found it woohoo….

what you ask?

hmmm the top of my kitchen table – and the kitchen floor too – and to celebrate we are going to bake while Corey is asleep!

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