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still crazy

omg nearly a week I have been slack

sudden impulse to stop talking about bunks and start doing it on wednesday – I put the boys beds on ebay. Someone rather caught me by surprise opting for the buy it now option and the king single is going tomorrow afternoon. Luckily after some running about and rash decisions (hopefully wise ones lol) new bunks are arriving tomorrow morning. so house is a mess and lots of stuff to do tomorrow

launch of top50s newest redevelopment on track to go ahead as stated on the 1st – this one has been a little different to past ones as I have had to rely on other people to also do their bit. I have to say that the ‘TEAM’ have all been awesome and I can’t thank them enough for their participation in what is going to be a very exciting part of top50.

and now I’m off to crash!

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another crazy Sunday

had a nice relaxed evening out with an old friend last night. Got home latish and actually slept – woke at 12ish although I know realise that daylight savings ended and thus it was more like 11ish lol!

Ahh well – lots to do on top50’s next big launch planned for the 1st of April – yes very exciting stuff and so keep an eye out.

OF course because I have so much work to do I took time out to finish this Layout for top50’s ongoing challenge – my challenge was to do a LO with NO chipboard, NO patterned paper, and to use my new stamps (car and airplane).

Cheeky Boy

so now it is back to work for this little girly who has things to do while the kids are at Daddy’s.

Dinner is easy as I have leftover chicken casserole in the fridge – tomorrow I’m planning a smoked salmon omelette in my mission to actually cook when the kids are away and not live on take away!

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not only can spammers do math but it appears they LOVE doing math – 413 spam messages since last night oh yeah – man of man am I popular!

so no more math – have tried something different.

so far a pretty normal uninteresting kind of a day too btw…kinder drop off – the new playgroups was ok still finding its feet, school enrollments are out already?! didn’t know that when I was at the school (home of the new playgroup) but will pick some forms up next week, kinder pick up – I was there early to get everyone to play in the ‘guess how many easter eggs in the vase to win it’ comp….by then I realised it was actually getting pretty darn hot. Home and just pottered – although my kitchen is definitely looking less like a bomb site and more like a kitchen and I cooked a proper (if uninteresting) meal with meat and veg for a change (have been a little slack).

tomorrow is swimming then a stay at home day – am hoping my big stampin up box will arrive so I can play over the weekend, and my new bra (cause I found one in Aust that was pretty and cheap and got the shock of my life when I had to return it cause it was too big)!

ebay – It is over 2 weeks since I won the cuttlebug alphas and she FINALLY got back to me the other day to say they would be sent on Saturday (something about personal issues) so at least I know they are coming and maybe even next week – we can hope!

now I had best put my ‘work’ email on and do some work I guess.

oh and lets home the kids wake up in time for swimming tomorrow – they have been sleeping in lately – which is wonderful on sat/sunday when we don’t have to be anywhere but a tad rushed on a kinder day!

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spammers can do maths

yup maths didn’t bother them one little bit! Will have to try a new tack on that one – have to get onto that another day.

Today I’ve been busy with top50 updating stuff and getting the new development (for release April 1) organised a little more.

an update on Owen – took him to the pead yesterday – he was really happy with his progress and doesn’t want to see him again until the middle of next year to see how he is progressing at school. He still isn’t ready for school but the extra year of kinder is already proving to be just what he needed as his social skills have really improved and he has started to do more of the arty crafty stuff too. I have called off the early intervention services as really didn’t feel they were doing anything anyway so might as well save my dosh and open up a spot to a family with a kid who is a lot worse and needs the help more.

tomorrow we are going to check out a new playgroup opening at the school that Owen will go to next year – we walk past it on the way to kinder so it should be very convenient for us – only downside is that I don’t think it will have the outdoor play area that our current/old one has but I feel it is time for a change on that front.

so now if I can just stay awake for a whole day that would be a big plus. I have been soooo tired during the day lately – really struggling but hopefully that will settle – perhaps I’m just not being physically active enough.

Well that has to be number one in the all time most boring posts ever…………oh I know I’ll add one of my Getaway LOs that I finally scanned …..thanks to Liz for the brads which were just what I needed to finish it off.

Corey Easter 06

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did you pass maths?

sorry guys but due to the number of stupid spam messages – and me not wanting to have to approve all messages….you will now have to answer a simple maths question to post. worked for Deb I gather so trying it here too….hope you have fun!

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Happiness is possible…even if you are 33 and have a bottom the size of 2 bowling balls

lol….ok so I just have been taking a little break from top50 and life in general and may have had a giggle over Bridget Jones Edge of Reason this evening….it struck me that I too am 33, single and my bottom is certainly closer to the size of 2 bowling balls than hers is actually lol!

ah well jokes aside…I did some boring housework type stuff today and am feeling better for it…my house is starting to look almost vaguely respectable – why is it that when you are unwell for a couple of weeks it seems to take forever to get back on top of things?!

Still getting there. And has been a big couple of days really.

Yesterday – kids helped to sort the washing without too much persuasion (later we went to the shop they could spend their bribe money on cars lol – matchbox we aren’t talking a porsche here)!

Also yesterday – Owen had his speech therapy assessment. Now oddly apparently getting all the sounds right doesn’t figure prominently in the test (or actually at all) but then I guess they are assessing receptive language as well as speech too. The thing is that, while he still needs to work on the right sounds and some grammar, his receptive language actually tested in the 98th percentile for his age! The other areas were closer to the 50th (ie middle of the range) and so after all he tested NORMAL. yup normal – all caught up….with some work still needed to correct sounds and grammar but we have all the stuff we need to do that at home so no more speech therapy.

Today – did nothing much – finished the books so thought i would get my life back again but still had no desire at all to go out to the scraproom/office to do some work tonight. I know I should but I actually think I might be giving myself another weekend off (two in a row – people might get cranky with me) I am not, however, wonder woman and I think I need a bit of break so am having one. Will get some kid free time for a few hours on Monday and will work like a trojan then and hopefully tomorrow night to to make up for it.

so what else…oh I didn’t tell you about the psychic who was at the getaway.

now I have never seen one before and I guess I was always a bit of a sceptic but over the past few years warmed to the idea that some people probably do have a talent but there are still a lot of shonks out there. I thought I would go in with an open mind.

she floored me with her description of Owen based on just his name and age. She questioned that he was 5 saying he came across as younger which made perfect sense then went on to describe his personality to a T…she then did the same with Brett. made me sit and listen a bit…..

so what does she think is in store for me….well apparently she sees me changing address in the next 12 months – certainly not something I am planning atm – in fact quite the opposite and if I did plan to move then to Adelaide would be nice but she said not interstate. But the one that really floored me. Apparently she sees me finding love and getting married sooner than i might think….like next year! wow that really sent my head spinning. I mean she may not be right but you never know.

tis funny when I split with my ex I know at least one person thought that me enjoying my new found independence meant that I hated all men and I struggled to say that while I didn’t feel I NEEDED a man that that was totally different from hating them all. I needed to learn to stand on my own feet. But you see I was very lucky because I have a friend who not so long ago was single and then she found someone and proved that the fairy tale can be real – that love can be found after a marriage ends…I think that helped me so much. I’m not out there looking for love but I am open to the possibilities….not sure if that makes sense….dunno how exactly I’m going to meet a man when I am generally home, at scrapbook related functions (which are mostly women lets face it) or at kinder etc….but I guess you never know. in fact I know someone who found herself a man seated on a flight to Brisbane and then he happened to be on the same flight for her return home…..goes to show you can meet people anywhere I guess.

at the same time – happiness is possible without a man (for now but maybe not forever)….life goes on.

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I’m Back!

Back from the getaway that is!

Got back Monday night just before the kids – didn’t make it out to my scraproom/office at all.

Last night I actually got my stuff unpacked from the car. Album with LOs completed is inside – must bring it out and scan some today/tonight.

Went to stitches and crafts today – not much by way of papercrafting there but I did do a mini album class with Heidi Grace which was cool – got to keep the apron too and a bright orange fiskars bag thingo lol! Heidi was lovely and her tiny 9 week old baby was soooo good (and sweet)! Had time for a quick chat with a couple of people and always great to catch up with the lovely Linda and do a spot of shopping – really not much though I was very restrained – in fact I think my parking, entry, sandwich and drink cost more than the stuff I actually bought!

And so now the BIG news. Top50 is officially booked in (stand 48) to the Australaisian Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention in Brisbane from 9th-11th June! Hope to get a chance to meet many of the Brisbane girls (plus any who might be visiting) while I’m there!

and on that note……I have a tonne of work to do so I guess I had best get moving.

pics later!

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got nothing done…or feels like it!

ok so I did get something done today. The lovely Judith put pins in my new pants that I had to buy as my old ones were falling off me (but apparently I’m 5.5 inches too short).

House stuff – well the brickie turned up – just waiting on the quote.

spending – oops I might have stuffed up and spent some money ….but hey 8 cuttlebug alphas for that bargain price on ebay who could resist….now just the w….w…..waiting for them to arrive!

Love the cuttlebug embossing folders!

Corey’s two front teeth at the top are coming in and he has been walking more.

Getaway – still not organised any photos or scrap supplies BUT, I have organised cat feeders, someone to put the bin out, junk food and coke zero – car needs a GOOD clean out.

kinder tshirts – colours sorted but now have to track down the template. Talked to him about some top50 stuff and was impressed with the prices so will be organising that soon I think!

ok making no sense so going to bed…..wonder if the title reflects anything in here?

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Random thoughts and junk

saw these funky ‘meez’ on Ngaire’s blog and thought I’d have a play so here I am!

pretty cute huh – can even have my purple crocs!

Been thinking about stuff as I start to fill out the divorce paperwork….should I change my name? My surname I mean. Now it was an easy decision at the time of separation not to change it – after all I wasn’t really thinking that changing back to “GALL” just before Gallbladder surgery was a really bright idea…I can just SEE the nurses etc trying to contain themselves over that one! But now that is out of the way and I thought the decision had been made…now I wonder should I revert back to Gall?

in favour of changing to Gall – well I’m not married to HIM anymore (or won’t be soon)

against – kids know our surname and if I change it then are they going to feel in some way disconnected from me – but then if one day I remarry I will change my name again so is it relevant?

also against – man paperwork central changing all the names on everything can I really be bothered?

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My littlest man…

wow how time just flies….I was watching him today WALKING – he still crawls most of the time but is getting more confident on his feet with each passing day. He is sooo cheeky. Pushing Mummy to see how far he can get. He understands simple things like ‘come here’ and ‘sit on your chair’ (he is often sitting at the little table with the other boys these days) but does not always do as he is told…he is such a wriggler when I’m changing him that I often feel like I have been involved in a wrestling match by the time he is dressed! But his smile still melts my heart. He is so much MY boy – he has my eyes and they still light up when I enter a room. Today I went to get him after his nap and he stood up and threw his arms around me before I had even lowered the cot rail and then he said ‘mum mum’ – what a joy! Owen was 3.5 before he called me mummy (i never got mum mum or anything else from him before that). He really is letting the baby Corey go and growing into a delightful – if cheeky – boy. His (too long really needs a hair cut but mummy can’t quite bring herself to take him in) curls are gorgeous and he is (nearly) always full of giggles and smiles. I know I was blessed with happy easy babies (and so far they have a bad track record of turning into monsters)! I love this little boy. I don’t miss the baby even. Third time round I think I have finally found a balance and am just delighting in him, in his achievements and milestones. I know they grow up fast but I am neither rushing to see the next step nor wishing he would slow down and take his time. I am also loving that his big brothers adore him! They play with him and today Owen even wiped Corey’s snotty nose!

and I will leave you with a humorous note…. I suggested to Owen that he needed to go outside and jump on the trampoline for a bit to get rid of all his loud noise/energy. He told me that ‘the loud is in my toes and when I jump high it goes all the way up and the loud goes right out the top of my head’ rofl if only it were so boy!

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