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My littlest man…

wow how time just flies….I was watching him today WALKING – he still crawls most of the time but is getting more confident on his feet with each passing day. He is sooo cheeky. Pushing Mummy to see how far he can get. He understands simple things like ‘come here’ and ‘sit on your chair’ (he is often sitting at the little table with the other boys these days) but does not always do as he is told…he is such a wriggler when I’m changing him that I often feel like I have been involved in a wrestling match by the time he is dressed! But his smile still melts my heart. He is so much MY boy – he has my eyes and they still light up when I enter a room. Today I went to get him after his nap and he stood up and threw his arms around me before I had even lowered the cot rail and then he said ‘mum mum’ – what a joy! Owen was 3.5 before he called me mummy (i never got mum mum or anything else from him before that). He really is letting the baby Corey go and growing into a delightful – if cheeky – boy. His (too long really needs a hair cut but mummy can’t quite bring herself to take him in) curls are gorgeous and he is (nearly) always full of giggles and smiles. I know I was blessed with happy easy babies (and so far they have a bad track record of turning into monsters)! I love this little boy. I don’t miss the baby even. Third time round I think I have finally found a balance and am just delighting in him, in his achievements and milestones. I know they grow up fast but I am neither rushing to see the next step nor wishing he would slow down and take his time. I am also loving that his big brothers adore him! They play with him and today Owen even wiped Corey’s snotty nose!

and I will leave you with a humorous note…. I suggested to Owen that he needed to go outside and jump on the trampoline for a bit to get rid of all his loud noise/energy. He told me that ‘the loud is in my toes and when I jump high it goes all the way up and the loud goes right out the top of my head’ rofl if only it were so boy!

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Top50 Bricks and Mortar Directory officially launched

we launched it just after midnight and it has begun to fill up already which is good news.  I really think this is going to be a fantastic answer to the every present question of scrapbookers on holidays!

More coming – shaping up nicely – getting excited.  Lots of work to keep me busy over the weekend (sunday/monday) while the kids are with Daddy.

And of course Top50 cybercrop is tomorrow night (running over the weekend) too which is always heaps of fun – (sponsor this month is Scrappers Warehouse – thanks Gaby)!

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I love the Book Depository

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


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