I’m still here!

April 7, 2007 at 12:09 am Leave a comment

Ok so a quick update!

Had a VERY busy week.

Was lovely to catch up with Kate again for dinner and then for a day at soveriegn hill and another one shopping – like a kid in a candy store – was so much fun!

Brickie has been and pulled the corners of the house down and put them back up – still needs to come back to clean the bricks and stuff but wow its nice to have walls that are straight and go right up to the window frames again. Just have to get the plumber (i think) to come and do the downpipes.

Pagola is down – sadly the skip didn’t turn up – bit of advice for Victorians. VIC WIDE BIN HIRE suck! don’t go near them. Bin never turned up and phone calls not returned. Last one he promised to call back in 5min and 5 days later I’m still waiting for the return call.

Brett’s bed sold on ebay too (to a scrapbooker lol) so it will be picked up next week. Hoping to get my room undercoated at least this weekend.

Top50 has had a few issues today apparently we have had a 50% increase in traffic today! Caused ‘peak hour like’ traffic jams. Challenges for the cybercrop have been posted girls so hope you can all join in.

Was at crop for kids today – a great day out and I won a Sissey kit (very cool – check ’em out http://www.sissey.com.au). Also got myself a mini stereo in the silent auction – bargain and I needed one – have been ‘going to buy one’ for over 12months now since my old one died!

Great to catch up with so many friends that I haven’t met in person or that I hadn’t seen for ages too.

Even got one whole LO done (and started – almost finished a second).

ok i think that is it – terribly unexciting I know – will share some LOs tomorrow though – promise!

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oh Pooh! Happy Easter to me…

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