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a little catch up!

oh boy I have been so slack with my blog lately.

Will try to keep this brief – I said TRY! It has been nearly 2 weeks appalling!

So umm what has happened….

boys toilet training – still up and down but some good days

boys cleaning up their toys or generally LISTENING to mummy – blah lets not go there!

scraproom has taken a BIG step towards being more organised – still a long way to go!

Have decided to take the boys to the snow in August. Have booked a 3bedroom unit in Marysville (about 20min drive from Lake Mountain) midweek. Really excited. I loved the snow the one time I went but I did find that the kids wanted to go home earlier than we thought because it was cold/wet. So this time I thought best to have the kids properly prepared and hit ebay! Not only did I get 3 snowsuits for less than the price of a full SINGLE day’s hire but also managed to get 3 2nd hand toboggans! Am very happy and very excited. Two of the suits arrived today and they are in excellent condition – just waiting on Corey’s and we will have to try them all on so they fit. Now finding ‘fat lady’ clothes for the snow might be harder. Still on the lookout for cheap boots (although gum boots is another option too).

Scrapbooking and Papercraft Convention is on the 9-11th June in Brisbane and Top50 will be there with a stanc (next to wacom and near the cafe for those who want to come and say hello)! Just organising the paperwork and things – all very exciting!

Some girls came over to scrap today – Tara (from top50) and Judith and Cathy was lovely to have company and I did manage to find the top of my table.

So now just one more note – Tamara – hope you have a fabulous birthday today girl!

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