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I love my family

I really do. Honest (and not just because big sis might read it)!

I kinda lost them a bit for a while – no their fault at all – mine. They tried to reach to me but….anyway since the whole separation thing I realised how distant we had sorta become – as I said my fault. I had put up walls. Anyway the rambling point I’m dancing around is that I love having my family back! I rang my Mum the other night and we just chatted for a bit and it was nice…it was great actually. And did I mention that my big sis ROCKS!

I came home from kinder today – Owen ran ahead up the driveway and waves a parcel in the air singing Mummy look what we got – a parcel!

Now I wasn’t expecting a parcel at all – and ok so I often do expect parcels but I usually know more or less what I’m expecting so am not ‘surprised’ too often! This one floored me! Sue (and Mum) sent me a mothers day parcel with a beautiful handmade card with even more beautiful words inside it. AND not just a pressie for me (in fact TWO for me – and I was good and didn’t open them – told the boys we had to wait for Mothers Day)…but also one each for the kids (and some egg cups for me – have you noticed how hard it is to get egg cups lately?)

see I told you … family ROCK!

hope everyone has a lovely Mum’s day on Sunday – depending on the weather I’m thinking we might take a train ride into the city and walk through the Fitzroy gardens – see if we can’t pile up a heap of leaves to jump in and have a picnic.

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Life goes on….

no matter how much we may want to pause it for a little while…

I took a long drive today to help a friend farewell her dh – not just her dh but the love of her life. It hurt just to watch – my heart aches to see her pain and my mind cries out why? And yet what good would it do to know why? Would it hurt anyone any less? Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about what we can do to help – and yet all we can really do is just be there. So Deb – just as the hurt doesn’t go away with the funeral over – neither will your friends go away. We will be there for you when you need us.

and meanwhile as if to prove that God meant the world to go on…another friend will be meeting her newest addition very soon….life goes on..

Tomorrow I’m going to play at being a kinder mum – I’m helping the kids to make scones for a mothers day morning tea. Life goes on….and we must make the most of every second of every day for as long as life goes on.

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I love the Book Depository

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