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phew what a week!

After a few dramas (like a photocopying quote going from $900 to $21,000 and back to $950 – don’t ask) I think I can say that I’m almost over the major stress I’d been having about the Scrapbook Convention. I am now starting to look forward to the trip. Everything is arranged, pretty much.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Good Food Show. I wasn’t going to but back when I had foxtel I became a bit of a fan of the lifestyle cooking shows and my fav chef had to be Ainsley Harriott and he will be cooking tomorrow so I’m there watching for a bit of ME time! Then I come home and finish the washing and pack and clean house and well finish doing stuff lol!

Am making progress on the to-do list. The wonderful girls helping me at the show (Lisa and Polly) convinced me that I don’t quite NEED to be tied to the stand so I have even booked myself into my first EVER scrapbooking class called ‘you make me‘ so that is exciting too – and means I have to pack a basic tool kit at least!

Monday I have an appointment to get my hair coloured. I bleached it a while back to dye it purple (just a streak not my whole head) but then the purple never took hold and kept coming out REALLY fast! So I am having a permanent pink put in instead. Now I haven’t been to the hairdressers in like 10yrs so it feels a bit weird but hey I can do it I’m brave! really I am!

So now I am back over to Top50 cause we are still cybercropping until Midnight on Monday. We are having (for a change) a totally sketched cybercrop – so come on over and check it out if you haven’t already. The new fast server really is FAST which makes a world of difference!

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