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I’m Back!

ok I’m back home….and its COLD here….not ‘Brisbane’ cold either ….REALLY cold!

Was great to have my boys back again. Owen wasn’t so keen on Mum for a bit but seems to have warmed a bit now – think he may have been mad at me for going away without him.

Show was good – busy. I was however expecting it to be a lot busier. Show in itself was not as big as many expected and not as busy but was still very good.

I learnt a few things – won’t bore you with a whole list lol! Was a bit surprised at the number of people who simply hadn’t heard of Top50 at all before. Many also had seen the list but the not the rest of the site. There was a lot of interest though generally and we have already had about 15-20 new members sign up – lets hope that most of them start to chat in the forum too!

It was a great week – very busy but fun.

The best bits….(in no particular order)
I am now the happy owner of a wacom pen tablet – still learning but lovin it!

I had some very positive chats with a few different people about business related stuff which could lead to some very exciting developments in the future – I know a bit vague but that’s all you are getting for now!

My ‘lil bro got ENGAGED! woohooo!

I got to catch up with my cousin Leonie who I had totally forgotten even lived in Brisbane! I had kinda fallen out of touch a bit and so was great to see her. She heard I was going to be at the show and so actually came to see me – caught me totally by surprise!

Got to spend lots of time with lovely helpful friends

warm Brisbane weather lol!

and when I got home….I have picked up our photos that were meant to be in before I left! so here is a quick preview

My Boys

cute huh? and now I’m off to bed!

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