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Got this one from Pam’s blog……

1. What are your favourite lines from a song?

ok so I couldn’t pic a few lines – tis an old mariah carey song from way back that struck a cord amid the teenage angst…

      It’s a long road
      When you face the world alone
      No one reaches out a hand
      For you to hold
      And then a hero comes along
      With the strength to carry on
      And you cast your fears aside
      And you know you can survive
      So when you feel like hope is gone
      Look inside you and be strong
      And you’ll finally see the truth
      That a hero lies in you

2. What is a question that people ask you that gets on your nerves?
With three boys I get a lot of ‘Are you going to try for a girl?’ ahhh no that would require a MAN firstly and frankly the risk of adding to the noise level (have you ever heard the volume of THREE BOYS?) makes it a little less appealing too – for all that I love them to pieces!

3. Name something you have in common with all your siblings.
all of them?! hmmm that is tough….maybe UNO – sounds silly I know but when we all get together we tend to play a lot of uno.
4. What is the greatest amount of pain you’ve ever been in?
gallstones horrid – much worse than labour – lasted longer and nothing cute at the end of it either!
5. Who is the last person you wrote a letter to on paper?
6. Have you ever fired a gun?

7. What was your favourite childhood toy?
umm John? my teddy I got when I was 4
8. What sound do you find disturbing?
nails down a blackboard!

9. Whose diary would you like to read?
well I read a few blogs – same thing isn’t it?

10. Have you ever had a recurring dream?
Not for years – used to years ago but not for a long long time.

11. Name something that makes you happy.
my boys when they are having a good day – like asking for cuddles instead of just being generally LOUD. Scrapbooking too – in fact I get positively horrid if I don’t scrap regularly – it is a lifesaver really (we are talking the kids lives lol).

12. If you were in an emergency situation would you be able to deliver a baby?
umm not sure really, I guess I’d call for help and follow instructions as best I could.

13. What is the closest thing to you that is green?
a green highlighter on the desk

14. Have you ever had to call 000?
umm no – was there when someone else called but never made the call myself.

15. What is the last movie you watched?
Shrek the Third – on the IMAX screen in Brissie – thanks to LISA

16. What CD is in your CD player?
umm just a relaxing music type cd – its in my bedroom to help me sleep. IF we listen to music at home it is via the dvd player but I think that would most likely have Thomas the tank engine in it currently.
17. Do you fold your underwear?
yeah right…like I don’t have enough to do already

18. What movie do you know every line to?
ummm Racing Stripes and Toy Story (two of the kids favourites)

19. What did you do before this?
I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs, updating my own, and pretending to work

20. Are you picky about spelling and grammar?
sometimes but I make mistakes too it seems. Especially late at night.

21. When was the last time you slept on the floor?

on the floor? ummm girl guide camps?

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He loves me not……he loves me! We’ve been checking out the snow….

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