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It’s almost here…

yup the baby is on his/her way it seems….I had to ring my ex for something this morning and he had been at the hospital earlier but been sent home as it was progressing slowly (it seems not everyone gets my quick labours lol)….so I’d assume that by tomorrow the kids will have a new brother or sister…..

Its weird – I feel like I SHOULD be feeling something about it, you know anger or something but nothing. The kids are a little excited about the new baby but also a little anxious as you would expect I guess ….I just hope they cope with it all ok….I think we have resolved the ‘when is the baby coming home with us’ question (hmmm let me think never….lol)….I guess time will tell how it all works out….

for now it is so cold and wintery that I just wanted to cuddle up near the heater and read a book (or several to the kids) and have soup for dinner (hmmm but not cauliflower soup guesstimated without a reciepe – I was soooo proud of Owen trying not only to eat the disgusting muck but pretending to like it cause he had ASKED for cauliflower soup)lol….should have had a camera on the look of relief when I said actually Mummy doesn’t like it and I didn’t eat mine…and really toast is ok for dinner isn’t it? just not all the time maybe lol

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