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oh soo tired (yes I’m on my way to bed) and its a boy

I am tired – have been tired for weeks it seems….must start taking the vitamins I did feel better for a week or two when I was remembering but it seems they lose their effectiveness if you only sit them on the shelf…funny about that.

Anyway the bub arrived last night – a boy (Tyler) the big boys went with Daddy after kinder to go meet their new brother but Corey didn’t as well ex’s car just wasn’t big enough to fit her parents and all 3 kids in it – and well it was okish as he picked them up at 2pm which is nap time so I got a good 3.5hrs of quiet time in which I watched some more ‘friends’ and did a huge stack of dishes and got dinner started.

Have come out to my computer to have some good news (top50 stuff) and not too much more work (I need to catch up a bit) so that was good.

School holidays here now too for 2.5 weeks (two student free days on return so no kinder til the thursday so really close to 3 weeks of holidays)! Thinking that we may try to check out some of the free activities in the city over the holidays (and maybe get a marriage cert so I can get divorced too) lol!

so now I’m off to bed before I get my hand slapped – have had too many late nights – not helping the tiredness thing I guess. Anyway 8.30 swimming lessons don’t stop through school holidays so still have to be up early – but at least we can have breakfast later.

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