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tell me everyone has a bad day….

ok so the kids clothes were laid out so they could get dressed in the morning….

they got up at 7.15ish…..were dressed by um….around 9.30am

I now have ALL their dvd’s….’nuff said.

Had Corey to the Dr….got him some eye drops so we should hopefully be on top of the muck in a couple of days…she checked on his chest as he’s had a cough for ages too (been seen a month ago for it but dr said it was clear at the time) so antibiotics for him too…then she heard/saw me cough and soo antibiotics for me too.

Big boys (especially Owen – man what is with the attitude from a 5.5yr old?) were horrible today. But I’ve been working on a mini album of the boys which includes the good and bad stuff so at least I got some of my journalling written….

“Sometimes it seems like a constant frustrating battle to get you to even listen to me, let alone do what I ask. There are days that my frustration gets the better or me, days that I yell too much. Those days I am convinced I am a terrible mother. I know that, while many would never admit it, every parent has days like this. One day boys, when you have kids of your own may you be given strength in the knowledge that I too have days when I just want to cry out my frustration….it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” ok so its just a rough draft….

and on a happy note….I crossed at least 3 things off my to do list tonight

and b4 the boys went to bed we blew bubbles, read a story and had a cuddle and we all promised to try really really hard to be good tomorrow…..yup me too – am sure my tired/grumpiness hasn’t helped much of late.

So night night I’m off to bed!

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