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I got it – at last!

what? you wonder?

Well as some will know for the past year or so I have been in search of the perfect handbag. Now I so was not a handbag person until I had Owen and conceded that I no longer had enough hands for everything I wanted to have with me! And the most I’ve ever spent on a handbag before yesterday was about $30. Also I don’t swap handbags to match my outfit as a rule I have one that does me daily no matter what I am wearing (I can almost see some people cringing lol).

So when I saw what I thought was the perfect handbag at the market a few weeks ago for a whopping $110 (marked down from $137) I didn’t bring it home. It was too much (besides I didn’t have that much easily accessible that day)!

Now about 3 weeks later I could not get the thought of the perfect handbag out of my head so I took the kids back to the market to see if it was still there. It was, and in fact there were two and the other one was even that bit nicer. And they had been marked down again to $99 – I suck at the haggle – tried but got nowhere…so I did it…I spent $99 on a handbag! (but you see I worked it out I use it EVERY day and it will last at LEAST a year (he said 10) so that is like 27c a day. Can I justify 27c a day on a handbag? YES…especially if it is PURPLE LEATHER and has a nice long strap to go over neck and shoulders (can’t stand the handbag falling off the shoulder thing) and need both hands free with 3 boys!

so I guess now you want to see? even goes with my (pre-existing) purse now! woohoo!
new purple bag bag with purse

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Happy Birthday Soovee

I’m exhausted today so just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to my favourite big sister – she really is pretty cool.

So anyway I made her a little birthday present so you can all go check it out at

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Making progress and a Birthday Wish

Well today (it is officially the 25th July now) is SUE’s birthday so why not pop over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!

and the less important stuff

Today I actually got out my new/secondhand (thanks freecycle) electric whipper snipper. I managed to get the whole nature strip done before I need a rest. Hands were stuck in a grip position and back was well not really hurting so much as warning me not to push it as I am very very very stupidly unfit. Now I hear you say bah just a nature strip is that all? but ahh the last time it was cut was around September! Now just he front and back yards to go. I did ask for a quote to get it done but they obviously don’t want the job at all even though I told them that once in hand I wanted to book a regular mow!

Top50 is getting faster again. I know it is still a little slow at night especially but we have been making progress on the REASON for it and thus are at least now working towards correcting it.

Will be crazy busy for another couple of weeks with top50 stuff and then before I know it our snow trip will be upon us….

hmmm didn’t win lotto either!

ok I’m going to bed now before I start making even less sense.

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Wow I’ve been slack

ok I have been slack

tax still not done, heaps of housework not done, top50 work falling behind, lots of stuff not done.


well can I still count the general chest/sinus infectiony thing I have been living with for what feels like forever? I have had antibiotics and still have it – I don’t really want to go back for more as I seem to have been on a lot of them this year and too many really aren’t a good thing I figure. I dunno – just trying to find my get up and go again. Seems to come and go at the moment.

I have lots of stuff going on with top50 though – very exciting you will see some advertising for Top50 in Scrapbook Creations (my favourite mag) come September.

I am still working on increasing the server speed. Blog updates have been few and far between as I tend to blog very late at night when the server issues are at their worst!

Yahoo has decided it hates me. I can’t seem to login for more than 1sec before I get booted off again. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried trillion, tried an older version of yahoo & tried the web version of yahoo. The web version had been working but just now won’t load. I am, as a result feeling very cut off from the world atm – perhaps that is why I’m a little flat right now. anyway it will sort itself out. Oh and I have a new yahoo id too so if you didn’t get that one then email me and I’ll let you know what it is.

back to work now I guess.

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What happened to your get up and go?

someone asked me that just the other day and sadly the answer was that ‘it got up and went’

Well decided gradually over the past day or two that it doesn’t matter if I am tired or if I couldn’t be bothered it was time to get my ‘get up and go’ back again. Time to kick start things again.

So – I started making some cards to keep on hand – I am forever late with cards or worse don’t send them at all because I don’t get organised to make them – good intentions alone don’t work. I’ve done 11 so far. We turned it into a cardmaking challenge at top50 (Sue is beating me on 16) I should go to bed soon but might try to churn out a few more before bed. I am actually really enjoying it. Playing with my Stampin Up stamps and my lovely Stampin Up watercolour crayons!

– I (with the somewhat reluctant assistance of my boys) rediscovered the lounge room floor. Once again had that chat about putting toys away when we are finished with them.

– I have put 1.5L of pumpkin soup in the freezer and a full family serve of morrocan chicken as well. On a mission to save leftovers and USE them when I couldn’t be bothered cooking instead of take out or crap.

So still to do but here it is a public to do list to add some pressure (my get up and go works better under pressure lol)

by the end of next week

Get tax return done get up to date with work at Top50 get Sue’s bday pressie organised and posted!

by the end of winter

have the back yard in a state where the kids can all play without fear of losing them in the grass etc etc!by the end of the year

have my room repainted AND the wardrobe assembled, new blinds up, new bed bought and assembled, old bed sold and disposed of, artwork hanging, clothes all organised and stuff put away – in short total bedroom makeover. (1st things on the list – paint sample pots and tidy/take pics of bed for selling).

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Just a quickie…

just a quick one to say that I’m still around/alive just a bit busy atm.

school holidays are interesting – the lack of routine I think makes it both nice and difficult at the same time! The fact that it is so cold in the morning (and during the day) make it hard to get out of bed (sadly not so for the kids).

Yesterday Corey went to daycare while Owen and Brett and I went to the city to see the disney pixar exhibition. Brett especially loved it. Owen really loved walking around the city and taking pictures with Mummy’s little camera.

I uploaded some of his and some of mine to flickr – one day will work out adding it to the blog but not today, so just try HERE for now.

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I scrapped!

Yes really I finally scrapped something again….I really need to make sure I do it more often as I feel soo much better for it. But also so great to have company to get me going too (and to make me tidy my room a bit)! So thanks to all the girls for coming – hope you come back again one day in the not too distant future too!

So here are my efforts for the day – some for the Top50 cybercrop and some just because…scrapped some of the pics of the boys from the kinder (schoolpix) photoshoot mostly.


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