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My littlest Man is home today…

the big boys went off to daycare. Owen is unimpressed at the moment – I suspect he is feeling that he is too big for such things – he is eager to be a school boy now. Brett is pretty much always happy to go – as much as he loves his big brother I think some time without him must be nice too. Brett is such a different boy when you get him on his own – quieter and yet braver too….but back to my littlest boy.

He has conjunctivitis and a mild chest infection that just won’t go away (after about 4-6 weeks). He is getting better though (or at least the goopy eyes are – was given instructions to clear them up first then start the antibiotics for his chest). The eyes were looking much better today and we went to get some post packs for me to post stuff off….we left the pram and let him walk in the shop. We looked for slippers for him in big W and came out with red runners with blue and green spots – very cute – sadly I need to apply some eucalyptus oil to get the price stickers off BOTH shoes (they were discounted). He can wrap any woman (and a whole lot of men too) around his little finger with one little smile that kid (which of course made Mummy smile too). So then we came home and did a few little jobs, read a story etc then headed back up to actually post said parcels. We also had to return some slipper boots I had bought for the big kids but were too small…so we walked past best and less but had to stop. Owen pretty much went from size 3s to 5s but Brett won’t be. His 3s are too small but even the few 4s he has are too long or too big around the waist so he will be needing all new pants pretty soon. Best and Less had size 4 and size 6 pants for $6 – nice ones, including a pair of adjustable waisted jeans! so 3 pairs of pants for Brett and one for Owen later we got out of there…reminded myself not meant to be spending much money! Next stop Kmart – swapped boots for bigger ones and found a pair in a size 4 for Corey ok so that cost me $7 tis ok. Got him a hair cut then got me some coke zero (wow for once coles has the best special for cans this week) had some lunch with my little man in the food court (more charming the pants of people) then headed home – popped him into bed and read a bit of my book. Was about to start the dishes when I was released from such dismal torment by a phone call asking I check my email and print/fax something!

I was good did both the dishes and the faxing lol…

And I have everything set ready to cook a quick easy dinner tonight – cheese filled pasta with a creamy sauce with smoked salmon and dill. Corey is just waking up form his nice long afternoon nap and I’m off to pick up my big noises…I mean boys!

Just leaving you with a prehaircut pic of Corey and his favouritist teddy bear Jake- his very very special teddy ‘born’ the same day that he was with special wishes inside him from Aunty Sue and her kids

Jake is short for Jake the Snake which is a tad hard for a not yet 2yr old to get out. Name can be blamed on Aunty Sue et al.

a 086.jpg

one final note for today – top50 cybercrop is on THIS weekend!

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