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Happy Birthday Soovee

I’m exhausted today so just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to my favourite big sister – she really is pretty cool.

So anyway I made her a little birthday present so you can all go check it out at

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Making progress and a Birthday Wish

Well today (it is officially the 25th July now) is SUE’s birthday so why not pop over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!

and the less important stuff

Today I actually got out my new/secondhand (thanks freecycle) electric whipper snipper. I managed to get the whole nature strip done before I need a rest. Hands were stuck in a grip position and back was well not really hurting so much as warning me not to push it as I am very very very stupidly unfit. Now I hear you say bah just a nature strip is that all? but ahh the last time it was cut was around September! Now just he front and back yards to go. I did ask for a quote to get it done but they obviously don’t want the job at all even though I told them that once in hand I wanted to book a regular mow!

Top50 is getting faster again. I know it is still a little slow at night especially but we have been making progress on the REASON for it and thus are at least now working towards correcting it.

Will be crazy busy for another couple of weeks with top50 stuff and then before I know it our snow trip will be upon us….

hmmm didn’t win lotto either!

ok I’m going to bed now before I start making even less sense.

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I love the Book Depository

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