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another new toy

Well with a little help from big sis I had picked out a lovely pink sony erricson mobile phone and was just waiting for it to be released some time this year before I upgraded.

Sadly my old motorolla v3 had other ideas….it had gone recently from 1 week to a charge to 1 day to a charge but I charged it last night and at 10am it was beeping that it wanted to be charged again with no calls in or out! So I popped into the optus shop for a new one.

Well after recently bagging the concept of gps on a phone because of the small screen – guess what I got talked into!? the guy actually let me play with a WORKING one not a ‘sample’ that you couldn’t see how things worked – walked around outside the store and back in to show me how the gps worked and everything. It’s pretty funky – but sadly black and silver lol! ahh well it has all the functions I need and then some! IT is actually pretty cool – it can even READ out your SMS messages to you. Still learning it but will get there – got further than the last one already – this one rings to ‘hey jude’ thanks to Lisa for finding it for me!

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