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slack I tell ya slack….

I got some of my things done today but after driving and getting around in circles for half the day gave up on the rest and came home.

ok so swimming in the morning – we got there just in time (with Owen still doing his ‘I don’t want to swim’ routine). Funny kid he LOVES swimming but the other week she wanted him to walk the width of the shallow end of the pool by himself and he FREAKED out and ever since has been ‘scared I’m going to fall to the bottom’….today she trialled goggles on him (has been very against goggles as if they ever just fall in they will be more used to the water in the eyes and still remember what they should do etc etc) but suddenly the boy could swim again. She doesn’t want me to buy any just yet though but will see how he goes for a few weeks with centre ones sometimes. Brett stayed in for a double lesson as we’ll miss one when we are away at the snow.

Then we went to go get my lawnmower. Ok so quick dash home for the sandwiches i had made for breakfast in the car but forgot to take with us. Then off we go…almost got to the freeway – oops forgot handbag and purse…go back

Then we realise petrol would be good – stop for petrol then get in to discover Brett has undone seatbelt. Go strap him back in – he has wet himself. They are getting so much better I hadn’t packed spares….go back…

Stop at servo b4 westgate and set up gps on phone. It can’t find street grrrr. Found suburb just fine and I scrolled and found street then it worked great. Got us there no problems. Got us to the next place no problems….then well it couldn’t find the street – I couldn’t find the street in the melways either….much tooing and froing and generally excessive use of the term ‘grrrrrr’ and two phonecalls later we made it to Lindas – kids had a nice play and I relaxed a bit…decided then time to go home and miss the last place I had thought about stopping in on (jen’s) will have to return those dvd’s another time mate!

Back home – meatballs and steam fresh veg for dinner, bath bed and out to the top50 cybercrop – challenges all there now girls, trivia tomorrow so go for it!

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One of those days that leaves you looking for the rewind button….

Day started with the usual ‘get dressed’ battle

Ran a little later than usual so decided Brett and Corey could have breakie after kinder.

Brett talked to the kinder teacher (he often gets a bit shy of late and won’t) to ask if she had seen his phone (he was given an ex display one when we were at the optus shop the other day but left it at kinder on Tuesday).

Then it started…. Corey and Brett fighting over nutrigrain – nutrigrain all over the floor – Brett has a horrible attitude lately – lots of pouting and foot stomping and stuff – driving me crazy (but at other times still giggle and cute and full of cuddles – mood swings I tell ya)!

So then I had to go up to the plaza for socks for the boys (again – the sock monster must LIVE here and just visit elsewhere), to pay money of my cc and to get rubbish bags and fresh vegies

So Corey spat it – didn’t want to walk or be carried or sit in the trolley – pretty much screamed for an hour. THe bloody Mathmagic people harassed me going past them each way! Honestly no one from coles or kmart or the other hundreds of shops in the plaza come and stick things in my face and start trying to sell stuff – I CHOOSE to walk in or NOT to walk in. I HATE being ‘attacked’ as I try to walk through the plaza. Mind you with Corey in his frame of mind they both got their own attack back today grrrrr!

Poor woman at bakers delight though – she put a smile on my face for the morning which brought back a moment of sanity – she asked how i was and I just shook my head and said don’t ask. She got my stuff put it in a bag, took my money and my little frequent shopper card and announced she was giving me an extra couple of stamps to improve my day! Such a simple silly thing but she did put a smile on my face and make me realise I was letting silly little frustrations get the better or me…got to the car and realised it was 12noon and that corey and brett had only had a small bowl of nutri-grain (no milk) and a drink of water to eat all day….no wonder the poor kid was grumpy (please don’t call dhs I do usually feed my kids) so I got them some chips from kfc drivethrough as a late morning tea while we waited for Owen at kinder. Pulled up at kinder and realised I had forgotten the rubbish bags (again) last one in the bin – no spares!
man the rewind button would have been good. Still they did eventually all go to bed settled (and fed lol) and we start again tomorrow.

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