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Wow suddenly I have a life!

who would have thought?!

I have plans for Friday AND Saturday night this week (one home with a friend scrapping and one out scrapping)!

Brett’s birthday cake will keep me busy Sunday then Monday it is his bday and last minute preparations for our snow trip! The snow gear is all packed. Catching up on the washing too, so I can pack the clothes. Kids are VERY excited – Brett ‘had’ to put on his snow suit one more time and it was a struggle to get it back off him to pack!

Going for easy food while we are there. Taking things like canned tuna and spaghetti with meatballs. Planning to invest in a new book so that when kids are in bed I can indulge with the book (and hey a spa too perhaps lol)! Exciting stuff.

Then we get back Friday and with ex no longer working every Saturday he will have the kids Friday night so I will get a well earned rest pretty much immediately when we get home! And that life again – I’m off out on Saturday – just booked in to the scrapanalia Classathon – awesome to get such cool events close to home. Had said that I couldn’t go as it starts at 1pm Sat but hey with ex not working it puts a whole new spin on things!

Its funny when he moved out one of my early thoughts was that I could have normal weekends back – of course it wasn’t to be as my weekends still revolved around his work schedule for the kids…now I really do get them back….but for how long who knows and hell he could end up on a 4 day rotating roster or something so I figure I’m going to make the most of it while I can!

oh and I so wish I had a picture but alas the camera was on the other side of the room so I missed a pic of Corey’s first full on temper tantrum (i took his garlic bread that he had been holding for 40minutes off him to put him to bed) feet kicking and all….very cute (i say this because it isn’t frequent – the same tanty with mummy more tired/cranky – not so very cute lol).

oh and I found my kitchen bench today – but not the confirmation letter for my accomodation booking or my mp3 player – so if anyone knows where they are I would love for you to share the knowledge with me lol!

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