It is damn scary to drive in the dark with no lights….

August 12, 2007 at 9:59 pm 2 comments

ok so I confess the other day I did notice the battery light on and thought I should look into it. I didn’t, was busy and didn’t see it again for a few days so I forgot about it.

So last night driving down the freeway, light sprinkling of rain is falling and I’m singing very badly along with Adam Brand…the cd started going a little funny and I thought it might have been a bit scratched…kept going. I noticed the battery light on and thought – will have to get that checked tomorrow before we head off to Lake Mountain…..then the stereo dies completely….uh oh says Jude, tomorrow may not be soon enough for the battery light investigations. …

So the car keeps going and I’m thinking almost there and nowhere to turn off and don’t really want to be broken down on the freeway in the dark and the rain so I kept going….as I indicated to turn off at power street I realise that in fact my blinkers are gone too…..and the lights are VERY dim. So only two more turns to get to the carpark I figure the city is well lit and I kept going (perhaps I shouldn’t have but I didn’t want to be broken down in the city any more than I did on the freeway)! So I turned into the carpark and took my ticket and proceeded to head up to the 4th floor where there are non- reserved spaces….only half way up the ramp from the 1st everything stops and the car starts rolling backwards! Hand brake – real fast! then got out to warn the car coming up before me. 3 lovely young blokes got out and helped me get it safely out of the way. Anyone ever tried steering a commodore wagon with no power steering? Would not suggest you try it – bloody hard. So locked it up – stuck a note on the windscreen just in case someone decided to tow it or something for parking in a reserved space and headed over the road with my scrapping stuff. From there called RACV who called me when they were getting close so I didn’t have to wait by the car. He fitted a new regulator on the alternator then instructed me to take it for a drive for 30min or so….At Pams suggestion I drove it up and down the carpark a bit then let it idle for a bit before heading back over to scrap – well more eating and talking than scrapping – ahh the prawns, the crayfish, those delectable mushrooms….I could go on…the man can surely cook!

I even did the tiniest bit of scrapping.

Then today I was expecting to pick the kids up at 5pm so was about to get up at 10 (it was a late night) when they landed at the door. Well that through plans out the window a bit. Did the last minute shopping with the kids. Got the radiator flushed and anti-freeze put in – with the kids. Fed them, tried to clean and pack, fed them again, told them to put their pjs on – took them almost an hour – I am soooo over the pj’s/getting dressed fight! Now I am catching up just quickly but I really do need to go in and get that train cake in the oven. We decided to decorate it tomorrow – together as I was just too exhausted to cook it during the day today!

Still I got most of the packing done so the day not a complete write off…

Oh and the biggest plan the 10am thing threw out was Brett’s bday balloons. I had planned a trip down to lombards just at nearly closing time and bring home 4 balloons and hide them in here then was going to put them in his room on my way to bed so he would wake up to them in the morning. So I explained this to ex….asked if he could get them and bring them over after kids were in bed…. no problem he says. So tonight as i put kids to bed I sms – did you get the balloons…..he sends back….i have them on order will pick them up and bring them over when i come – yeah at 5pm so he gets them for what 3hrs then bed then we leave in the morning. I expressed my ummm ‘gratitude’ back and get ‘my bad you didn’t say’ !!!! I will never never never learn will I! I mean why did I think he would have LISTENED to the whole bit! why!!? I will try to pick them up with brett in the morning but who knows if they will let me or not grrr – I could have done that myself!

on the bright side – as horrible as it is driving in the dark with no lights etc it would have been 10 times worse with 3 kids in the backseat! Am sooo glad it happened then so that it could get fixed. Three cheers for RACV what would we do without them!

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Wow suddenly I have a life! Bretty Boy turns FOUR

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  • 1. Tamara  |  August 13, 2007 at 12:44 am

    Umm..Wow..explains a lot really!

    Hope you have a fab time in the snow if I don’t catch you!!!

  • 2. Jen H  |  August 13, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    Wow a bit scary but as you say, sooooooooo much easier to deal with without 3 kids in the back on the way to the snow!!
    Happy Birthday to Brett and well what can I say re the balloons 😦 And sheesh he’s dropping them back early a bit too regularily isnt he??? Anyway hope you were able to pick the balloons up yourself today so Brett was able to enjoy them to the max!
    Have a wonderful time at the snow!!!
    Jen H


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