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August 22, 2007 at 3:23 pm 1 comment

lots happening but mostly little things.

Divorce paperwork – well cause he is now unemployed he will get a health care card which means that we can lodge jointly without fees which will be less fuss and just easier – no having to ‘serve’ him and no need to attend etc so will be going down that track when he gets his card – hopefully next week yay!

Business – well I had a useful chat (I think) with hosting shop about the need to give me SOLUTIONS not just reasons for the site being slow at times. I think we have come somewhere now and they have mentioned something they have been working one which may be able to be applied to top50. Apparently it may be able to be tested on top50 soon so will await a response on that one. In the meantime lets cross our fingers it stays as fast as it is today!

Also on top50 I am today (long overdue perhaps) opening an actual top50 bank account! Its a small thing really but it feels BIG – like it is a business not just a hobby iykwim! Movin’ on up!

Bretty boy is home sick with the strep throat/strawberry tongue again feeling a bit miserable but at least that means he is happy to sit and watch Thomas while I get a few things done!

Just two weeks til we are off again to Adelaide this time – flying this time thanks to cheap flights (and parents with cars/car seats etc etc).

Snow – was great will do a proper snow post soon – promise.

Reclaiming the jungle – pictures soon promise …but am making some slow but sure progress on the back yard. The grass is stupidly high as I procrastinated too long as I didn’t have the tools to do it (ie couldn’t start the mower and didn’t have a whipper snipper)! Now I have an electric whippersnipper (thanks to freecycle) and a cordless electric mower (I love ebay)! IT is a hard slog but am trying to tackle it one bit at a time with no pressure to do it all at once. I found that getting one small part down right down to a good short height and raked up was satisfying – must more so than just trying to slash it all down a bit and then mow it later – at least this way under/around the swings is completely done – can keep on top of that while I work with the rest. Will get a skip in a few weeks after we get home but meanwhile have decided to focus on the back yard and drag the rubbish all out to the pile in the front ready for the skip. There is something very very satisfying about slashing very long grass…or maybe it is just a sense of power in being able to do it for yourself…I am woman hear me roar….lol….or i am woman hear me cut the grass quietly cause it’s all electric cause I can’t start the petrol stuff (or should I pretend I’m being environmentally friendly here)!

Well I think thats it for now…am working on a cookbook for kinder – it should be ready late September and will be selling for $5 each. It is nearly all typed now so yay!

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Bretty Boy turns FOUR I know I know – slacker

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  • 1. Jen H  |  August 22, 2007 at 8:49 pm

    Certainly IS lots happening! Hope Brett is better soon and looking forward to the Snow post!
    And the backyard pictures – well perhaps we should BOTH show progress phots on reclaiming our backyards lolol We got rid of a lot of stuff in a skip recently but now there’s heaps more as Gary getting ready to do the retaining wall lolol
    Jen H


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