Basic Car Repair – replacing tail gate struts 101

August 31, 2007 at 4:03 pm 1 comment

I have been suffering with a headache for 3 days – whilst it isn’t severe it’s persistence is giving me grief and as such I indicated to the kids daddy that if he wished he could pick them up a little earlier than usual.

I then decided to either do some work, take a nap or start loading the car up with stuff for the car boot sale I booked space at tomorrow.

Whilst deciding I took some stronger painkillers that I don’t like to take if the kids are around in case they knock me out a bit. Then I decided to clean out the car a bit ready for tomorrow…you know take the seats out etc…then of course when I came across the new gas struts for the tail gate that keeps crashing down on my head – particularly in cold weather – so early morning and late nights mostly. So I decided to fit them as I will be out early tomorrow. Then I felt the urge to share my wisdom with the masses. And so ends the introduction of “replacing tail gate struts 101”.

General things to know before you begin.

It is a good idea to ensure that small children are NOT present – several things (including inappropriate language) may fly about.

You only NEED one person to do this job – but two would be easier.

You need a flat screwdriver or similar object to pry the little clips off – you need this handy even if you don’t need it for the first clip as you really are a bit stuck by the time you decide you need it for the second one!

There is a reason for having one strut on either side of the car. Even brand new ones will not hold up the car tail gate on it’s own – hence handy to have a 2nd person – mostly just important to be aware of before tail gate comes crashing down on you.

IF you have ever had the tail gate come down and have to hold it up before you won’t believe this but it is a LOT heavier with a strut missing – it appears even a dodgy strut takes some weight.

and onto the job – actually very simple if you are aware of the above!

Remove the little clip (with screwdriver) – you don’t need them as new struts come with new clips but do watch they don’t fling into your face etc.

If you have a helper – ensure they are holding the tail gate then remove strut – if no helper then hold tail gate and remove.

Of course it helps here if you have loosened the clips on the new one so you aren’t trying to do that whilst holding up the very heavy tail gate! Once the clips are loosened put it in place – I found for some reason it worked best when attaching to the car first and the tail gate second.

Ensure it is there properly and clip is clipped on securely before moving onto the next one.

Now you have finished – hope you have been working out – cause the new struts will test your arm muscles opening and closing the tail gate…but at least they won’t come crashing down on your head!

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I know I know – slacker Headache free and catching up

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  • 1. Jen H  |  August 31, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    lol, very entertaining Jude! Sounds like you had your hands full!! All the best for your car boot sale tomorrow morrning!! And I hope your headache goes away soon!!!!!!!!!1

    Jen H


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