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And the clean up continues….

I spat the dummy after I came home from a full day 8am – 5pm doing a ‘bunnings bbq’ for kinder and came home to a big mess. Now I know that it’s only me and the kids so the mess is largely my fault whichever way I look at it. I don’t clean up enough and I don’t make the kids do it enough, being tired or busy is just not enough of an excuse to satisfy ME anymore. So I told the kids – 1 room per day – 5 rooms in 5 days for the first week of school holidays then the next week we can just have FUN!

Now they groaned and moaned and carried on – particularly Owen – which got worse after a couple of macca’s toys that he apparently was very attached to landed in the bin…but then he started helping. The lounge room took pretty much all day because they didn’t want to help. The next two days we did their room and the bathroom. Then today I realised I hadn’t lifted the furniture in the lounge room in the big clean up. Now usually I do it on a reasonable regular basis as the kids are looking for some toy or other – ‘Annie’ (thomas’s coach) has been missing for quite some time now – still missing. But I did find approximately 8 odd socks and at least 12 matchbox cars, assorted puzzle and lego pieces and no fewer than 15 books. ok I shudder it was bad but that was under the couch, two chairs AND the tv unit…How I wish I had furniture that didn’t allow stuff to squeeze under it! oh well now the loungeroom really IS clean, as is the boys room and the bathroom. I was supposed to do Corey’s room today but alas I have worked and done under the furniture instead. Still I have the weekend kid free so I might even get it done then.

I also managed to book myself a SKIP to clean up the yard as well. AND oh happy day the back grass is going to be done shortly! Some delightful teenage boy said that he wanted to earn a bit of money cutting grass – he looked and then quoted me $25! Can you believe $25 for the same job some one quoted me $200 not long ago (ok I’ve done about a 1/4 of it since then) but he will also drag all the rubbish out to the pile (of old pagola) on the front grass ready to go in the skip! I swear he is going to get more than $25. He wasn’t sure when he could make but possibly Friday or over the weekend. That would be awesome as the skip is coming Friday afternoon! woohooo!

And a reminder – last time I ordered a skip around Easter I ordered it from VIC WIDE BIN HIRE and they SUCK BIGTIME. They kept saying give it 20min it will be there and it NEVER turned up and they NEVER returned calls. This time I went with one my next door neighbour recommended so I’m sure he will be just fine.

Now I’m off to face the music at the library. I discovered a book about 6-9months ago that was overdue by over 2 years – I had thought my ex had returned it. I was horrified and wimped out of returning it – I kept putting it off and putting it off but meanwhile my kids are missing out on the joys of the library. So wish me luck – I’m off

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foot in mouth….again

seems I am destined to stick my foot in my mouth again and again….and am always finding new ways to do so.

will post properly another day….

kids are good – I’m ok, slowly getting organised – at this rate I’ll get there when I’m 99!

just a thought though… scrappers we often find it easy to give of ourselves and our time and of our art and yet someone has to be on the other end of it…. I guess there is something inside some of us that says ‘I don’t deserve it’ ….who does? and why do you have to ‘deserve it’ why can’t it just be. I’ve been taught …again…maybe it will stick this time…I suspect it will… that perhaps we just need to smile and say thank you (just as I was explaining to Owen today). Perhaps thank you is sometimes enough, even if just ‘thank you’ doesn’t feel like much. I guess I know that when I did get an email a while back thanking me for doing my job efficiently I was stunned at the thoughtfulness and it put a smile on my face all day. I guess that proves that ‘we’ (as in people in general) just don’t say thank you enough. I’ve always believed in the basic concept of karma – what you get is what you give returned…..I guess the hard part for me is to be on the receiving end and learn to accept the good with ‘just’ a thank you.

This probably makes no sense at all….so just carry on and tomorrow I’ll post something in fluent English lol.

If it did make sense to you …then Thank you for everything.

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The Downside of single parenthood

I was asked what it was recently and struggled to find it.

I make my own decisions – if I spend too much I deal with it. If I want something I don’t have to ask anyone but myself if I want to paint my bedroom purple I can etc etc etc…

Yes I don’t have have that comfort and support of a special person but lets face it if I had that before I wouldn’t be single now.

But there is a downside and it is lack of CONTROL.

I have little/no control once those kids go off with daddy.

If I think that he shouldn’t take 3 kids to see the ninja turtle movie I have no say in it as I don’t know until after the fact. I don’t know what they do or what they eat or if they are in adequate car seats. I can’t protect them and keep them safe…

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yup made it home in one piece.

Still procrastinating but felt the urge to blog and thought I’d do that first THEN work so here it is.

We flew this time. We were VERY early at the airport and then the flight was delayed a further 15minutes so we were there for quite some time but the kids were pretty good on the whole. They all were good on the plane – except Corey when we were landing but I suspect that was a very overtired issue combined with ears etc. NONE of them even LOOKED like having a sleep!

I’d told the kids that only Granma OR Gramps would pick us up as otherwise they would need to bring two cars….and yet I really wasn’t the least surprised when I heard, then saw Granma and Gramps waiting for us. Kids got to bed around midnight that night (the rest of us not far behind)!

Mum and Dad had to work while we were there but Mum went in a bit later than usual so she could go with Dad and leave her car for me which was ace! It is a really nippy little Ford Focus and I loved it once I got used to it!

We went to the show and we hung about a lot at Sues and at Mum & Dad’s place as well as a little bit of shopping – nothing too much lol! But we had a great time. Sue might be ‘over’ the show but I still loved it the kids had a ball even though Brett was a little off colour (enough to sit in the pram and be content to be pushed around for a while). Corey LOVED the animals and Owen and Brett, Mum and I went on the Ferris Wheel just before we left – the fire works went off just as were stopped right at the top so we had the BEST view!

But whilst I loved the show and so did the kids, the highlight was probably just a pot luck dinner at Mum and Dad’s with Sue and her crowd, my lil Brother Steve and his fiancĂ© and little Emma, and my lot – all together it makes quite a lot of monkeys (Mum and Dad have 8 grandkids now with the addition of little Emma – who may not biologically be Steve’s but she calls him Daddy and he loves her like his own)

So I thought I’d share a pic of all the kids – We put them all in Dad’s pride and joy his BMW convertible and took some photos…actually Sue took some photos…

Gramp's Monkeys

but it was just a little easier to fit them in this car….

FXCD0041 (350 x 263).jpg

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Queen procrastinator

Every time I go away I say I will leave the house tidy

Every time I go away I say I will be on top of my work before hand

Every time I go away I am not on top of work, the house is not tidy and I forget something!

I have precisely 2hrs to be at daycare to pick up the kids. The plan is to go from there straight to the airport. My scrap stuff is packed and in the car. My work is well kinda uptodate but not really. Cybercrop is all ready to go on FRIDAY night girls so hope you can join us…ahh back to the packing – kids bag almost done. Mine not started yet but clothes are clean – and I am in the daggiest of daggy clothes so need to get dressed (and preferably even shower) before I go…2 hrs…I can do that…can’t I?

I’ll start soon…really I will…don’t you believe me?

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Headache free and catching up

well headache got worse yesterday instead of better…also kinda figured that if tramadol didn’t fix a headache then maybe it was a bit more severe than first thought. So I headed off to the chemist thinking maybe it was sinus related afterall and I’d try some sinus drugs…when I got there I figured that instead of playing around and experimenting I should perhaps just maybe see a doctor to get advise on what drugs would kill the, by then rather deadening ache in my head! Dr’s weren’t too busy so didn’t have to stay long. Explained to dr that it may be silly to come see him over a mere headache but I had had it for 2-3 days and the tramodol didn’t get rid of it….blood pressure up a bit but as I had that tested not more than 2 weeks ago and it was fine he figured it was likely it was up because of the headache and not the other way around – good… So the verdict – yet another sinus infection – he counted 6 in a year according to those records (hmm plus the other times I didn’t bother to go in lol) which he said was ok and not enough to have him concerned YET. so more antibiotics for the sinus infection and Imagraine for the migraine – ahh that would be why the hurting head wouldn’t stop… not like me though to keep going but I guess I had no alternative. Anyway good news those drugs worked and after a good long sleep I made it to the car boot sale. Sold a little bit but not heaps but had a pleasant pain free morning so that’s good.

AND now I have my head/brain back again I’ve even managed to do a bit of catch up work at top50 woohooo! now if someone would just come and do some catchup housework for me and a spot of gardening I’d be stoked!

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I love the Book Depository

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


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