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Headache free and catching up

well headache got worse yesterday instead of better…also kinda figured that if tramadol didn’t fix a headache then maybe it was a bit more severe than first thought. So I headed off to the chemist thinking maybe it was sinus related afterall and I’d try some sinus drugs…when I got there I figured that instead of playing around and experimenting I should perhaps just maybe see a doctor to get advise on what drugs would kill the, by then rather deadening ache in my head! Dr’s weren’t too busy so didn’t have to stay long. Explained to dr that it may be silly to come see him over a mere headache but I had had it for 2-3 days and the tramodol didn’t get rid of it….blood pressure up a bit but as I had that tested not more than 2 weeks ago and it was fine he figured it was likely it was up because of the headache and not the other way around – good… So the verdict – yet another sinus infection – he counted 6 in a year according to those records (hmm plus the other times I didn’t bother to go in lol) which he said was ok and not enough to have him concerned YET. so more antibiotics for the sinus infection and Imagraine for the migraine – ahh that would be why the hurting head wouldn’t stop… not like me though to keep going but I guess I had no alternative. Anyway good news those drugs worked and after a good long sleep I made it to the car boot sale. Sold a little bit but not heaps but had a pleasant pain free morning so that’s good.

AND now I have my head/brain back again I’ve even managed to do a bit of catch up work at top50 woohooo! now if someone would just come and do some catchup housework for me and a spot of gardening I’d be stoked!

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