foot in mouth….again

September 18, 2007 at 12:55 am Leave a comment

seems I am destined to stick my foot in my mouth again and again….and am always finding new ways to do so.

will post properly another day….

kids are good – I’m ok, slowly getting organised – at this rate I’ll get there when I’m 99!

just a thought though… scrappers we often find it easy to give of ourselves and our time and of our art and yet someone has to be on the other end of it…. I guess there is something inside some of us that says ‘I don’t deserve it’ ….who does? and why do you have to ‘deserve it’ why can’t it just be. I’ve been taught …again…maybe it will stick this time…I suspect it will… that perhaps we just need to smile and say thank you (just as I was explaining to Owen today). Perhaps thank you is sometimes enough, even if just ‘thank you’ doesn’t feel like much. I guess I know that when I did get an email a while back thanking me for doing my job efficiently I was stunned at the thoughtfulness and it put a smile on my face all day. I guess that proves that ‘we’ (as in people in general) just don’t say thank you enough. I’ve always believed in the basic concept of karma – what you get is what you give returned…..I guess the hard part for me is to be on the receiving end and learn to accept the good with ‘just’ a thank you.

This probably makes no sense at all….so just carry on and tomorrow I’ll post something in fluent English lol.

If it did make sense to you …then Thank you for everything.

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