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stuff goes wrong….

a lot lately it would seem!

first it was the site crashing and the digital topsites losing it’s memberlist

Then it was having to change plans and have the kids back overnight on Saturday as ex has a funeral to attend.

Then Tam manages to score the misfortune of 4 ear infections (no she isn’t a deformed monster with 4 ears just 2 inner and 2 middle ear infections) so is unable to fly down to see me and attend Paperific.

Then the little things – like mild injuries to a finger and a foot and jamming a 4yr olds finger in a freezer door at coles. Like realising that having paid money of my cc for Corey’s new bed I then paid for it out of the other card causing problems when home loans and stuff needed to come out (all fixed now thanks Karen lol)…

sometimes I feel someone doesn’t like me very much.

On the bright side – with a lot of help from TAM – I’ve just about managed to finish getting an idea I had a few months ago from ‘vague idea’ to ‘concrete notion’ and then to file and almost ready to print! I will be heading to Paperific to the trade event on Friday night after all although I may only be there for an hour in which case I will have to focus on talking less and getting around to everyone. All a bit hush hush for the moment but big plans – workable plans – looking good. I’m pleased with the shove I have had to get this ball moving.

Oh and anyone want to buy a cookbook to help support Owen’s kinder – we made them with recipes from all the mum’s etc and they also feature artwork drawn by the children….$5 each.

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I love the Book Depository

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