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So the boy is SIX

Well talk about little birthday dramas….

I had enormous trouble getting the training wheels on. I had them on but minus the stabilising bars. Just 3 peddles down the driveway they came off and he fell off. So what to do…?

It was 5 to nine so rather than wait and call the bike shop when they opened we popped the bike in the car and drove down. They had a look and basically said that there is no way training wheels would go on that bike. So I’m not happy as I specifically asked that question when I bought it from Toys R Us last month.

So had to make a quick decision – boy needed a red bike on his bday. So we bought a new one from the bike shop. It cost a little more (ok price went from $80 to $150) but it is a better, stronger, tougher, brighter red bike – or so I’m told. It was assembled and ready to go by the time we finished with kinder and the meeting so we went to pick it up and wow he loved it – so confident (which I thought he wouldn’t be especially after the wheel falling off incident). So we took a ride to the playground and along the bike track next to the river for a bit. One happy boy.

So yesterday I finally gave up on finding the receipt for the bike from toysRus and took it in anyway. Without the receipt I couldn’t get money back but got ‘jeffery dollars’ so I used those to finish the Xmas shopping for the kids. All good – except of course that I wasn’t planning to do that THIS week. Ah well it happens – just means it will be a bit longer before I am able to pick up MY bike from layby I suppose.

anyway exhausted and going to bed. photos soon…

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