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The stamps are taking over…..

oh dear oh dear….I was saying not long ago to my lil brother that I needed more storage stuff and that I was really trying to get my house and scrap room more organised….well then a few weeks later I got 3 bday cards and a little gift card with this poem inside…

For you, Judy Dear [let me just make it clear here that family get away with Judy no one else does]
November 6 is our Judith’s birthday
and we all wondered what we would say.
We all sat and thought and thought
just what kind of present should be bought.
Suggestions, many and varied were put forward
We looked and looked and even went to Norwood!
Then Mum & Dad, Sue & Yogi & kids got
Together with Steve, Katie & Emma we did swot.
But to no avail, we nearly despaired
Till one day our brains were all repaired.
Heck it was easy in the end, this idea.
We should send Jude to shop at Ikea!
A voucher for Victoria was hard to find
So here it is, a voucher in kind.
While money in the bank is good,
But, this time, not for you to buy food.
However, if you see what you like
just do it, get it then, get on your bike!
We all love you heaps Judy dear,
So go ahead – shop with no fear!

so, after checking my bank account I figured this meant I was meant to get my bike off from layby and go shopping at Ikea….I rang k mart to give notice I would pick up the bike and then went shopping and bought some lovely shelves for my stamps….

now the shelves I thought would allow plenty of room for growth in my stamp collection….but I might have a few more than I realised….here are my lovely shelves….

Which brings me to my other news…

at the getaway I took quite a few of my stamps and found that so many people were really getting into them. I joked to SueF that I should be selling the things…after she said ‘yes you should’ I went back to thinking about it. You see I had considered being an SU demo before but with top50 was concerned that there might possibly be a conflict of interest…Sue and Liz and LisaK all got together to convince me that in fact there was no conflict and as such when I got back I spoke to my mate LisaD and signed up.  During this process I made sure to mention top50 to ensure that SU were aware of it and they not only confirmed it was all ok but double checked with Stampin Up! in the USA which has all confirmed that it is ok!
So it’s official…Jude is a SU demo and can take orders for you if you should have any. I will be setting up a ‘stamp club’  for anyone interested let me know. A stamp club basically means that 6 people each agree to spend $50 per month (minimum). By a set date in the month you fwd your order and $ to me and I put the order in as a party. Each of the 6 take a turn at getting the hostess benefits, one each month. I found it to be a good way of gradually accumulating a nice stash. I’m not planning to go headlong into a really busy ‘thing’ here – but perhaps the odd party and just taking orders from friends – not pushing it (don’t believe in that as really they sell themselves) just trying to save a little on expanding my collection! So there you have it…if you feel you want to add to your collection or start one just drop me a line at

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