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busy busy – what’s new?

stamps have still not been christened – have plans for them very soon though!

Tomorrow – ok today really – is Wednesday and now that school orientation has finished I have the WHOLE day to myself with no kids.

Writing up a to do list – some work and some house and some me in there.

Kids going to Daddy’s for the weekend – this is a first – first time since Owen was born that I can go and vote without worrying about small children!

Got my bike put together today….interesting…Brett watched me ride a few times around the court and told me I did really well lol! I didn’t need training wheels even! But wow I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 21 and it felt WEIRD! Will have to get some practice before I go out with the kids I think as it just felt really weird!

Put in my first SU order today – tis a biggie and I’m hoping that it will make it in time for the weekend but realistically Monday is much much more likely.

Big weekend – scrapping with Scrapanalia on Saturday afternoon/evening then hopefully a couple of girls are coming to play on Sunday woohoo!

Decided to get the kids one more present each for xmas having played a bit with a friends daughters leap pad and leapster etc…but they are also getting earphones so they can use them in the car!

well best I head to bed now tis late.

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