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in honour of Owen’s last day of kinder tomorrow…

here is a typical kinder morning at our place….bear in mind this gets you from around 7-7.30 til 8.30-8.45ish!

Good morning boys, yes I love you too. Kinder this morning can you get dressed please…clothes are in your draws you know that, pants today and a t-shirt. I said get dressed, no you can’t watch TV. Get dressed now please we will be late, no that isn’t dressed you still need shoes, yes you can open Corey’s door, can you get him a nappy please. Good more Corey do I get a cuddle… ahhh..Shoes, I said shoes you need your shoes on Brett and Owen you too. Of course they aren’t in the shoe thing you didn’t put them away, try your bedroom floor, can’t find them no wonder your room is a mess, ok I’ll look in a second I’m trying to get Corey dressed, back here now Corey, I said now. 1, 2…no it isn’t funny Corey James! Breakfast, what do you want, no you can’t have a lolly it’s breakfast….ok now come on we will be late. Owen here’s your kinder snack put it in your back pack please. Kids pick up those crusts. At the table, Corey take the food back to the table. Owen kinder snack in your backpack please. I said pick up those crusts, no you can’t watch TV. Owen do you have your drink bottle…good lets go. Owen isn’t that your drink bottle on the floor, yeah oops put it IN your backpack. Corey STOP, get in the car, no not that way, in the car it’s time to go….ok bye Corey…oh you DO want to come after all good boy Corey! Ok kids lets go….oh no forgot the bins…Owen jump out and help can you take the little yellow bin, good boy thank you…back in the car, seatbelt….lets go…..

Ok here’s kinder, come on everybody out, don’t forget your backpack Owen…backpack Owen…Owen your Back pack! Ok ready 1, 2, 3 go, stay on the path Corey ok boys in the gate….out of the garden come on inside *sign kid in* Corey & Brett lets go…now…ok Corey Bye seeya….Corey I said now….come on Corey time to go!

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…Prof Paddy says…see you in 6 months

last year when Owen saw Prof Paddy Dewan he wanted to see Owen again in 12 months and said that by the time he had his next op he would ‘want to have it done’. That is – he would have realised his was a bit different. Now being that I don’t actually have one I wasn’t sure what age that meant but know better than to push Paddy for actual dates as it is all about hoping he will ‘grow into it’. (For those that are reading and going huh? Owen was born with a very severe case of hypospadias – finally found a good simple explanation on-line hope no one finds the illustration offensive). Owen’s had severe chordee but luckily for us we were referred to the wonderful Prof Paddy Dewan who has now operated 3 times (plus the emergency op when he had post op complications the first time)! Anyway Paddy is waiting for him to grow into it and I’m speculating that wanting to see him again in 6 months instead of 12 means we are getting closer to ‘growing into it’ iykwim although you probably don’t – he has, following his previous surgery still a bit of a bend and a fair bit of excess ugly lookin skin that needs to be removed.

So anyway before I move on I just wanted to point out that not only has he been so wonderful to us he has also formed his own charity to assist kids in 3rd world countries. He heads a team of surgeons and nurses etc who go overseas and operate on the kids who have been put into the ‘too hard’ basket but not just that he teaches as he goes as he is a big believer in the skill transfer side of things. If you ever have a few extra dollars or can help in any way then check it out at Kind Cuts for Kids .

so will just see how it goes when we go back in 6 months.

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