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glad the day is over…

spent the morning in frustrating phone calls.

Went to kinder to pick up the boy from his last day frustrated and cranky. Had a couple of parents thank me for the cds. Then had one who I knew from last year as her son is doing a 2nd year like Owen but who I had never really spoken a lot too, come up and give me a big hug and say thanks so much that he just loved it. Put the stupid phone calls into better perspective for me. Mostly because it was soooo unexpected! The farewells were so different this year. We have truely been blessed with an awesome group of people this year and all the parents got on so well that it was a long time in breaking up.

oh and the kinder pressies – the xmas trees for the teachers – they seemed happy with them – one said that she wondered how I could top last years but that I had. She said she still got out the xmas things her children had made – I get the impression she appreciates the hand made which is nice.

Took my extra home and was handed a box of chocies to say thanks for taking her to kinder/home this week – really not necessary but lovely.

exhaust is fixed – the reason for the mornings frustrating phone calls has been resolved and life generally not so much of a worry – hate getting bogged down in the small stuff!

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