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Plumbing ups and downs part two!

and so a new day…..

on the upside – kids slept in

on the downside – no morning shower

on the upside found dropped one boy at daycare then took the other two who behaved very well (for a change) to bunnings and found required parts and they were inexpensive.

on the downside got home and couldn’t get the old adapter off the hot pipe to change over to the new one.

on the upside called in some extra muscle

on the downside he couldn’t get it off either so headed to bunnings to try to get something that would connect old to new but was having no luck.

on the upside – I called home hoping he would answer and he did AND announced he’d got it off

on the downside took quite a bit of time (and additional muscle) to get the water meter turned back on

on the upside I now have a fully functioning kitchen tap! It gives hot, cold or warm water on request and turns on and off just as it should! I know that doesn’t sound exciting but my old one has been on its way out for YEARS and I’ve just lived with it forever so the new working on is soooo exciting! and best of all no plumber required!

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