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Is it so very bad….

that I cannot for the life of me currently locate my iron? I was about to iron the logo’s onto Owen’s school clothes but I really don’t know where it is. I thought it was out here in my scrap room but I can’t find it. I know I own one…and really I buy very very few clothes that require ironing – for good reason!

so is it so very bad that I don’t know where it is?

did have some good news today though. Came home from departing with loads of money (kinder bag, lunch boxes, school uniform etc etc) to find a surprise in my letterbox….a cheque for $100. No explanation of what it is for but definitely a cheque made out to me (from origin so perhaps something to do with switching company for electricity – although I did already get one cheque because of that so who knows)? Either way it will be very handy paying off the cc which is suffering badly with post-holidayitis.

*edited to add* ahhh found it…IN a draw with opals and stuff who would have guessed. Man I so can’t believe that school is so close that I’m actually about to get the boys uniform ready.

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