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It was a long day but..

we only had one real tanty….Owen because I threw away a thunderbirds crappy old maccas toy! (he just thought of it as a digging toy).

Tiring but we ‘moved’ Owen and Brett’s room – but I ran out of puff for the lounge room.

Filled an entire wheelie bin with broken toys or toys missing bits and generally crappy stuff. Have a box of baby toys to give away and gave two boxes of toys to Daddy (and Corey’s cot).  Owen said we should keep the cot and the baby toys ‘in case we have another baby’ but he is gunning for a baby so that we ‘have’ to buy a kombi!

The other part of my day that has put me in a headspin was a phonecall this afternoon.

I had Owen on a waiting list for a private autism assessment as the public waiting list is over a year long. We had been told a few years ago (when Owen was around 3) that he wasn’t autistic but there has been ongoing doubt for years and the vice principal at his new school expressed the same thoughts – the fact that she is a trained psychologist added weight to those concerns. Well they can fit him in for an assessment BEFORE school starts. They will see me the week after (umm although I realised afterwards that they finish early that day so will need to organise some after school care for him if that is to work) and then the report follows about 6 weeks later (ouch long wait time on the report) but we can have an answer before the end of first term.  This place come really highly recommended – they would want to as it isn’t cheap but he is not going to miss out on this chance.  If he is in fact autistic or if he has aspergers then it is better to know – better for our understanding of him and for his understanding of us too.

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