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2 in two DONE

yes two playgrounds in two days….photographic evidence to follow.

Yesterday we did the Powell St? playground in Hoppers – the kids loved the old fashioned whirlygig thingo.

Today we did Presidents Park – rebuilt for the umptenth time since it was burnt by vandals. I must say I actually like the current incarnation.  We also followed the path down to a little lake which the kids loved and I feared Corey would go in…but he did in fact stay dry!

Just tried to tackle some lawn mowing but the mower was REALLY struggling in the long grass. It coped better last time so hoping that it just needs a charge (cordless electric) so it is charging and maybe I’ll have another bash tomorrow – even if I mow for 15-20min a day well there is my exercise requirement for the day AND I might even just get the back yard back into shape – although the whipper snipper is called for two. still no need to do it all in one day i guess – a bit at a time is better than nothing.

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A playground a day for a week…can we do it?

the kids were driving me insane today at the shops.

then I remembered it had rained most of the weekend while they were at their dad’s so I’m thinking they need to get out and play…we hit the playground….it was so much fun…just a little one we haven’t all been to in ages (a little out of our way) but it gave me an idea…

can we do a different playground each day for the rest of the week? (as in Friday – not the weekend lol)

so 5 in 5 – with photographic evidence (must charge the camera batteries) who thinks we can do it?

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