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Ever so mundane….

so I spent my morning grumbling that the kids wouldn’t get dressed, then went to the shops where they were pretty good for a bit then went crazy (possibly given that it was past lunch time and I hadn’t realised). So home and then Corey goes to bed and the other two decide to drive me up the wall with general naughtiness while I’m sewing the bloody red smock (which is now done – not perfect but it’ll do).

In the end had to rush them to bed without the time to do things properly. But the school clothes are laid out and kinder clothes for Brett. The school bag is packed with all the things he is supposed to take with him (well lunch box still to go in).  The kinder t-shirts and hats (for the other kids) are sorted, bagged and labelled and in the car.

So the plan for tomorrow is to get up dressed, breakfasted and out of the house by 8am to get Corey to daycare then pop into kinder to drop off the shirts/hats. We will leave the car at kinder and walk across to school then walk back to kinder by 11am for kinder ‘interview’ then back to school (kinder thing finishes at 12.30 and school at 12.50) then back to get the car from kinder and back home til it’s time to pick up Corey.

Owen has been so silly today and then teary and worried about school – I don’t know if that is just normal anxiety or perhaps he is worse than some but the excitement has definitely¬† been replaced with anxiety with just the odd glimpse of excitement -hope it all works out for him.

Still waiting on builder to assess damage to wall from water leaks. Now have two claims for the same damn wall and will have to pay two lots of excess because it was two leaks – it is going to get complicated really.

Owen’s autism assessment has been half done – he had his cognitive assessment last Friday and I go in this Friday to do the whole developmental interview bit – not expecting any answers til I get the report 6-8 weeks later but who knows there may be an indication verbally just not expecting it.

so I spent most of my day cranky and irritable over what really is trivial things…bigger things were happening behind other doors for other people that were so much more horrible than my less than perfect day.

but life goes on…and we do the best with what we have and just keep on going on…what other option do we have really.

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