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Thank goodness the weekend is over…

I had an absolute ball but man having the kids back is almost like having a rest after all that!

Managed to fit into one weekend

a scrap night at Judiths – 3 LO’s and a make & take for the SU demo & Rach’s bday card/voucher

A birthday dinner – and crashed o/night at a friends – thanks Sue – even got breaky cooked for me on Sunday morning (instead of getting breakie for me and 3 screaming kids)!

A SU demo – my 2nd one and the first with people I didn’t know but it went ok…I mean room for improvement – isn’t there always – but overall it was good. Have learnt some things too for next time.

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It was a long day but..

we only had one real tanty….Owen because I threw away a thunderbirds crappy old maccas toy! (he just thought of it as a digging toy).

Tiring but we ‘moved’ Owen and Brett’s room – but I ran out of puff for the lounge room.

Filled an entire wheelie bin with broken toys or toys missing bits and generally crappy stuff. Have a box of baby toys to give away and gave two boxes of toys to Daddy (and Corey’s cot).  Owen said we should keep the cot and the baby toys ‘in case we have another baby’ but he is gunning for a baby so that we ‘have’ to buy a kombi!

The other part of my day that has put me in a headspin was a phonecall this afternoon.

I had Owen on a waiting list for a private autism assessment as the public waiting list is over a year long. We had been told a few years ago (when Owen was around 3) that he wasn’t autistic but there has been ongoing doubt for years and the vice principal at his new school expressed the same thoughts – the fact that she is a trained psychologist added weight to those concerns. Well they can fit him in for an assessment BEFORE school starts. They will see me the week after (umm although I realised afterwards that they finish early that day so will need to organise some after school care for him if that is to work) and then the report follows about 6 weeks later (ouch long wait time on the report) but we can have an answer before the end of first term.  This place come really highly recommended – they would want to as it isn’t cheap but he is not going to miss out on this chance.  If he is in fact autistic or if he has aspergers then it is better to know – better for our understanding of him and for his understanding of us too.

January 17, 2008 at 11:31 pm 1 comment

That’s it we are MOVING HOUSE…

yep that’s it had enough…told the boys we are moving house. Well we are moving every single TOY out of the house to the front yard tomorrow then we are going to move the furniture around then we are going to bring SOME of the toys back inside. Whatever will fit in their ikea toy storage they can keep (plus the train tracks) the rest has pretty much got to GO – I feel like I’m drowning in toys and they don’t even play with most of them.

So I’m sure there will be tantrums and tears but I’ve tried to make it fun told them we will get them all out then we can pretend we are driving to the new house and come back and move the furniture and then ‘move in’….lets hope it works.

January 16, 2008 at 11:08 pm 2 comments

Someone somewhere is lookin after me!

I know I mentioned the mystery cheque for $100….well guess what the plumbers bill came to today….$100! very impressed with him. He said he could come but not til the afternoon. I mentioned that with kids I might want to be out for part of the day rather than home with no water so asked for an idea of time. He couldn’t give me one but offered to call me later when he could. He then called just after three saying he was about an hour away – how is that for service!  All fixed now. Just waiting to hear from the builders to assess if the cupboard/wall can be repaired under insurance. If not well will just do a temporary job and keep saving for my new kitchen.

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5in1 template box instructions…

not really Wendy just teasing…no really just letting you know that I haven’t forgotten and that I will make sure they are up for you to see by the time your template arrives.

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waiting for the plumber….

no water again. Corey at daycare. Other boys going nuts. A million things I SHOULD be doing…I want to scrap. Just waiting for the plumber to come and fix the leaking pipe…then will be waiting for a builder from insurance to assess the water damage and *hopefully* that part will be covered by insurance.

Missing having water though so I hope he isn’t too long. He did say he could come this afternoon. He also said that he would call when he was on hisway in case we ducked out so really that was ok.

Better go be a good mum and do something with the boys before we have any more disgusting attempts at grabbing my attention….don’t ask….

maybe I can scrap tomorrow – after all they will be at daycare – Owen’s last session – he is pretty excited about that.

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Is it so very bad….

that I cannot for the life of me currently locate my iron? I was about to iron the logo’s onto Owen’s school clothes but I really don’t know where it is. I thought it was out here in my scrap room but I can’t find it. I know I own one…and really I buy very very few clothes that require ironing – for good reason!

so is it so very bad that I don’t know where it is?

did have some good news today though. Came home from departing with loads of money (kinder bag, lunch boxes, school uniform etc etc) to find a surprise in my letterbox….a cheque for $100. No explanation of what it is for but definitely a cheque made out to me (from origin so perhaps something to do with switching company for electricity – although I did already get one cheque because of that so who knows)? Either way it will be very handy paying off the cc which is suffering badly with post-holidayitis.

*edited to add* ahhh found it…IN a draw with opals and stuff who would have guessed. Man I so can’t believe that school is so close that I’m actually about to get the boys uniform ready.

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some cards and a LO

ok firstly I apologise for the appalling light these photos were taken in resulting in terrible images but I don’t really feel like redoing them right now….sorry

birthdaywhimsy.jpgThis one is a LO of my beautiful niece Bonnie on her 5th Birthday.  I brought her 5 helium balloons and she was really excited by them!  Uses the Birthday Whimsy set from the Stampin’ Up ‘Sale-a-bration’ promotion and Stampin’ Up Designer Series Double-sided paper ‘Loves Me’.

floralcard.jpgA simple card using the floral background stamp, ‘good things grow’ set and the sentiment from Simple Sayings II all from Stampin’ Up!

friendshipbloomscard.jpg simple card again. This time using the Friendship Blooms set from the sale-a-bration promotion.

5in1templatecreations.jpgThis lot was fun. I’ve been playing with the SU 5-in-1 envelope template.  As you can see I made 5 different envelopes but also a lovely little box using the same template. I’m working on something else too but not ready to share yet.

January 12, 2008 at 10:45 pm 3 comments


woohoo found it!

my mobile charger that is….man it’s been a whole day and a half or so since it went flat and I couldn’t locate the charger (coincidently for those interested it was in my laptop bag)…we really don’t realise how much we rely on things until they are gone do we!

January 11, 2008 at 8:49 pm 1 comment

tired ….oh so tired….

I think that now the cool change has hit I expected I would suddenly wake up and be full of energy….hmm not so it seems.

The air con is good – loving it – it is working and keeping us cool. Sadly my boys are not good at being confined to one room for two full days pretty much….and to add insult to injury I forgot to put Corey down for a nap today until really it was too late. End result….three overtired, ratty boys and one overtired (did I mention I had a 4yr old keep me company last night) and cranky Mum.

Now I have work to do and I really am keen to scrap/stamp some more….and I stocked up on snack food but the big question is do I work? do I play? or do I just say bugger it and go to bed?!

hmm maybe I need another coke!(zero)

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