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Time….where does it go?

This morning we discovered that if we leave home at quarter to 9 we make it to school with about 3 min to spare (which means it takes us about 12min so I guess that isn’t bad). We drove to kinder this afternoon – its the first afternoon session and goes from 12.30 to 3.30 (will usually be 4.30 – as of next week I think). The problem there is that we will pick Owen up and then have an hour or so to kill before kinder but if we walk home then well that is 12min and then walking to kinder maybe 20min so that is 32min out of our hour so we are home for what 28min? worth it? who knows….probably not so much in summer ….but the cold alternative on winter days…maybe it will be lol!

sorting out a few dramas with kinder t-shirts as the change in suppliers meant that the new ones were bigger sizes…wish everything was universal….so will have to reorder some and kinder will just have a small supply on hand for direct sales. Just have to wait for two return calls (why can’t everyone be home when I need them to be).

I have to go meet centrelink tomorrow and I don’t have the truckload of paperwork that I am meant to have organised either…am meant to be doing that now ….in the 20min b4 I have to do the school pick up.

Had a message from Sue…. Yogi has only just gone in for surgery…it’ll be at least 3 hrs apparently…sending good wishes that way!

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