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What’s in a name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet….right?

and so the ‘man’ saga continues….I have been trying to move on with getting my life more organised. The whole flirting bit caught me by surprise the other week. So the idea was to wait and see what happened and in the meantime to start to get control of the housework the new work hours the school, kinder, daycare, swimming, kids at Daddy’s routine. The idea being that IF I was to ever let a man into my life it might be good to have my life organised enough to actually allow some time for said man.  Around that I seem to have made some weekend plans here and thereabouts….and then just when I thought I had pushed things out of my mind I got a call from a friend….who advised me that her brother Stephen had been asking for my number. So I did say to let him know that that was ok for him to have it…and now back to waiting again…with a smile and a warm fuzzy lol…but really the name the name the name…..(my brother is Stephen and my ex is Steven)….has me wondering if it is a good idea to go down that path at all….and yet…really…what’s in a name….A man by any other name….

life is interesting…

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