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Top50 @ Paperific…

Well we got set up and we talked to loads of people over the 3 days

My legs were so sore by Saturday night (by then two full days of standing plus Friday nights party standing in boots with a small heel)….luckily I was able to indulge in a nice hot spa and a massage and a glass of tia maria and coke and so was bouncing off the walls on Sunday. Stephen came in on Sunday (although he did vanish for 2.5hrs or so to pick up his keys he had left somewhere on Thursday). After getting up at 5.30 two days in a row (once by accident and once on purpose) the 6.45ish rise on Sunday felt almost like a sleep in!

Stephen helped to pack up the stand and load up the car so we were out of there super fast.

A big huge thanks to Judith who came and helped every day – and to her dd who helped for a whole day (big effort for a 6yr old) and to Virginia too who came to help on Sunday…oh and can’t forget Pam who kicked me out to shop for a bit as the show was closing!

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My Thursday…..(catching up)

Thursday was always going to be busy…
the plan was…
take Owen to the paediatrician in the morning, pick up some fake flowers for Top50’s stand and then home for lunch, finish sorting out the LO’s for the stand, pack the car, drop the kids off at 3, pick up a table from A Scrappe Angels Heaven, pick up Stephen, go set up the stand then head to the state library where Stephen was on ‘guard duty in medieval gear by 5.30….

what actually happened….
took Owen to the paediatrician….realised I had forgotten to get a referral so had to add visit GP to list of things to do, got back to car to discover had left lights on. RACV very usefully told me it would be about 3hrs! Thank goodness for the kindness of nearby friends aka Janine (my hero) who came to the rescue! Got to the shop got the fake flowers and gave in to nagging children and bought them lunch…in the food court – during school holidays – at this point we were WAY behind schedule. Took Owen to the GP – 2hr wait..minimum…figured it would have to wait…stressed arrived home, packed car (LO’s not organised), dropped of kids, everything else luckily went roughly to plan….

but the best part of my Thursday – got a court date for the divorce…..8th May – so a month and a day after that should be all finalised! YAY!

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no photos from easter

call myself a scrapbooker huh? can you believe that I forgot to take photos of the easter hunt in the morning and then forgot to take my camera with us when we headed to Stephen’s mum’s for the day. The kids had a ball and were all go all day.

A few highlights of the day….

the kids had a ball and were very excited to see their friend (Owen’s kinder mate)

the bbq lunch and then the roast pork/chicken dinner was heavenly and the kids ate too

I picked up Corey to go change his dirty nappy when Stephen took him from me…I joked that he would then have to change him….he did!

downside of the weekend…I lost my ring…it should be somewhere in the house – am sure I had it Thursday night when I was watching a movie and fell asleep on the couch. Friday night I noticed it gone. But friday morning I had done a stack of dishes and would have noticed it and taken it off so I am sure it has to be in the house somewhere….hoping against hope that it turns up.

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update on school

I had a quick chat with the school assistant principal on Thursday morning. She rang to tell me that she had called the department to enquire as to why the funding had been denied. IT seems that it has been just because the psychologist is a psychologist and not a clinical psychologist and that having the diagnosis confirmed by a paediatrician is necessary. Owen has an appointment on Thursday morning and if the paed will write a letter of support confirming the diagnosis then the funding will be approved for this year so all good news!

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Guess what this picture is?


Yes….Divorce paperwork going INTO the mail box! Ball is rolling now, have to wait for a court date etc and still will need to serve it all on him (but did warn him that it was going to be happening soon well a month or two back at least…ok it may not have been the first warning…still progress)!

March 20, 2008 at 8:58 pm 2 comments


I helped at school this morning and had a quick chat with the vice principal too. Owen’s funding was knocked back. She has asked me to request a letter of support from the Paediatrician when we see her next week and she is going to ask them to reconsider.

All hail Mrs Crookes though man I wish I had her patience with my kids that she displays with 20 of them!  She really is an excellent teacher, we are lucky to have her I think. With or without funding Owen will be ok. I watched and saw that he is getting better in the classroom. His knee that he scraped yesterday was still the end of the world today though and he felt he couldn’t bend it to sit on the mat…heaven help us if he ever does really do himself an actual injury!

Well this is a small reprieve as I have a tonne of things that I do need to be doing. I have the kinder easter hat parade at 12 then home (but before then I need to go and get some water balloons or small balloons) then Brett and I are going to do some Easter crafty things (with the balloons) hopefully we will have enough time to do that before school pick up. Then a whip around the kitchen/lounge to tidy things up for an hour  or so then reading with Owen before I pick up Corey and come home and put the lasagne on for dinner (it’s all ready to bake). Stephen is coming for dinner again lol smiled just typing that aren’t I silly…it’s only been what a whole 2 days since I saw him but am still looking forward to it.

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Still decluttering…

the house but also my life…..

I have discovered that the school/kinder year is, as I was warned, hectic. With the addition of Corey swimming too now and the other boys having to swim at different times I’m also fitting three separate swim lessons into my week … (and yes a man too).

I am going to resign from the kinder committee – last years was an awesome experience and I made many good friends (hey one even introduced me to her gorgeous brother) but this years is a completely different affair. Have decided it is not worth the angst and am backing out.

Everything on the Stephen front is just fine and dandy – loving life right now…every time I look at that friendship ring on my finger I feel all warm and fuzzy…This time I think it is the right guy….maybe the psychic was right after all!

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It’s about time I know but….

I finally have three copies of my divorce paperwork in an envelope, the fee waiver form completed, copy of the marriage cert all ready to go…just have to pop down to the cop shop and have it signed then copy the signed page twice and my pension card and then I am going to post it TODAY! and yes Sue taking your parcel with me too.

edited to add….all ready to go now in envelope with stamps except for one minor problem…pension card is not in purse…suspect that Stephen may still have it from when he bought my train ticket the other day…hope that is the case or will have to wait for it to be reissued…bugger

edited again to add…confirmed Stephen still  has pension card so will have it copied and be able to send it off by Monday…Sue your parcel is in the post!

March 14, 2008 at 12:30 pm 1 comment

The zoo!

Well we did it! We went to the zoo on the train. Me and Stephen with my 3 kids plus his nephew so two adults and 4 boys aged 6,5,4 & 2! They were pretty good all day and it was proof that once you have three kids adding one more really doesn’t make it any harder!  We had a great day despite the heat.  We got home quite late and ended up with me bathing the 4 of them quickly while Stephen went out for fish and chips then dinner and the extra was picked up and the others in bed quite late at 8.30 but were out like lights!

Brett was VERY hard to get up this morning but hopefully tomorrow will have him back to normal.

Stephen is coming for dinner again tomorrow – looks like it might become a regular Wednesday thing – dinner and then a movie while the kids are in bed…sounds good to me! What’s on the menu this time you ask…smoked chicken and sun-dried tomato risotto with baby spinach….topped with a bit of shaved fresh parmasan cheese….YUM!

March 11, 2008 at 11:29 pm 1 comment

I got to see TAM woohoo!

So Tam finally made it down to Melbourne and the plan was for me to meet her in town yesterday afternoon and we would do ‘something’. Very specific plan I know!  So then we changed it – Tam came out on the train to Werribee and I took her down to A Scrappe Angels Heaven – the poor girl was a bit overwhelmed!  Apparently when I said it was a BIG store the description was lacking and BLOODY HUGE was a bit closer to the truth…

Then we went shopping (similar reaction to the local shopping plaza actually)…I picked up a bargain pair of cropped pants for $5 and Tam got some stuff she needed then dinner at Nandos. Tam and I have over the years been a bit amazed at how alike we think but we both stood back looking at the menu and then proceeded to order exactly the same thing (except for the coke zero/diet coke)!

Then we came back to my place and instead of being out on the town we spent the evening cleaning my scraproom and trying (unsuccessfully) to get my wireless router to talk to my modem. But you know what – we didn’t need to be out on the town to have fun…and I discovered my scraproom is pretty darn BIG when you move the furniture around a little and clear the floor!

No pictures as Tam got some on her Camera but it wouldn’t talk to my computer so I have to wait.

So best I get myself organised as I am meant to be cleaning my room right now.

Stephen is coming over later to tackle the backyard and then he is taking me and the kids to the zoo on the train!

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