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I got to see TAM woohoo!

So Tam finally made it down to Melbourne and the plan was for me to meet her in town yesterday afternoon and we would do ‘something’. Very specific plan I know!  So then we changed it – Tam came out on the train to Werribee and I took her down to A Scrappe Angels Heaven – the poor girl was a bit overwhelmed!  Apparently when I said it was a BIG store the description was lacking and BLOODY HUGE was a bit closer to the truth…

Then we went shopping (similar reaction to the local shopping plaza actually)…I picked up a bargain pair of cropped pants for $5 and Tam got some stuff she needed then dinner at Nandos. Tam and I have over the years been a bit amazed at how alike we think but we both stood back looking at the menu and then proceeded to order exactly the same thing (except for the coke zero/diet coke)!

Then we came back to my place and instead of being out on the town we spent the evening cleaning my scraproom and trying (unsuccessfully) to get my wireless router to talk to my modem. But you know what – we didn’t need to be out on the town to have fun…and I discovered my scraproom is pretty darn BIG when you move the furniture around a little and clear the floor!

No pictures as Tam got some on her Camera but it wouldn’t talk to my computer so I have to wait.

So best I get myself organised as I am meant to be cleaning my room right now.

Stephen is coming over later to tackle the backyard and then he is taking me and the kids to the zoo on the train!

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