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Top50 @ Paperific…

Well we got set up and we talked to loads of people over the 3 days

My legs were so sore by Saturday night (by then two full days of standing plus Friday nights party standing in boots with a small heel)….luckily I was able to indulge in a nice hot spa and a massage and a glass of tia maria and coke and so was bouncing off the walls on Sunday. Stephen came in on Sunday (although he did vanish for 2.5hrs or so to pick up his keys he had left somewhere on Thursday). After getting up at 5.30 two days in a row (once by accident and once on purpose) the 6.45ish rise on Sunday felt almost like a sleep in!

Stephen helped to pack up the stand and load up the car so we were out of there super fast.

A big huge thanks to Judith who came and helped every day – and to her dd who helped for a whole day (big effort for a 6yr old) and to Virginia too who came to help on Sunday…oh and can’t forget Pam who kicked me out to shop for a bit as the show was closing!

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My Thursday…..(catching up)

Thursday was always going to be busy…
the plan was…
take Owen to the paediatrician in the morning, pick up some fake flowers for Top50’s stand and then home for lunch, finish sorting out the LO’s for the stand, pack the car, drop the kids off at 3, pick up a table from A Scrappe Angels Heaven, pick up Stephen, go set up the stand then head to the state library where Stephen was on ‘guard duty in medieval gear by 5.30….

what actually happened….
took Owen to the paediatrician….realised I had forgotten to get a referral so had to add visit GP to list of things to do, got back to car to discover had left lights on. RACV very usefully told me it would be about 3hrs! Thank goodness for the kindness of nearby friends aka Janine (my hero) who came to the rescue! Got to the shop got the fake flowers and gave in to nagging children and bought them lunch…in the food court – during school holidays – at this point we were WAY behind schedule. Took Owen to the GP – 2hr wait..minimum…figured it would have to wait…stressed arrived home, packed car (LO’s not organised), dropped of kids, everything else luckily went roughly to plan….

but the best part of my Thursday – got a court date for the divorce…..8th May – so a month and a day after that should be all finalised! YAY!

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