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A new day dawns bright and sunny

Seriously the sun is actually shining after several days of overcast skies and rain! It must be because SUE is coming today! I am so looking forward to seeing her actually although it will be brief.

And did you know that it is NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY on Saturday?

AND that Top50 will be cybercropping with thanks to our sponsors at Scrapbook Savvy

AND to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day Top50 will be having an advertising sale running over the whole weekend.  Top50 has always been an affordable alternate to magazine advertising and we are still by far the biggest and busiest independent scrapbooking site in the country.

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looking on the bright side…

I got a child support assessment notice today under the new child support scheme that starts on the 1st July. Needless to say it pretty much threw me into a tail spin. My child support has been halved about 6-7 months ago when the ex lost his job and got another one (not that the pay is terribly different but well not going there) and the new assessment has it LESS than half again of the current one. An absolute joke! It made me furious, stressed, angry and frustrated….

and then with a little help from Stephen and my friends (just all being there) I took a deep breath and remembered just how lucky I am. I have three beautiful, if boisterous, boys. I have a house of my own (ok the bank own’s more than I do) and a car and (so far) gas, electricity, food etc etc… I do ok….alright sometimes things involve a bit of artful dodging but doesn’t everyone.

I have three boys and yet I still can take a weekend off to spend with my new man. The man who makes me happy, the man who calls me princess…who would have thought it would be hard to get used to being treated like a princess?  Apparently I’ve grown perhaps a little too independent and stubborn over the last couple of years.

Anyway the assessment stressed me out – it will change with our tax returns this financial year anyway and as such I am not being stressed. Instead I’m counting my blessings, and I’m counting my friends twice – cause they are worth it.

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