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Finding a new balance….somehow

I guess it was never going to be easy to strike a new balance when really I was still working on the old one.  I guess really life is all one big attempt to find a balance between work, rest and play. Nothing stays the same long enough to maintain the balance with ease – I guess if it did life would become dull!

I’m living a double life it would seem….most the time I’m a mum to 3 boys running a business or two on the side and doing the school/kinder/daycare/swimming etc thing in between cooking, cleaning and washing and trying to find a few minutes of peace for myself.

then when the kids go to Dads for the weekend I live the life were I get to sleep in and have breakfast cooked for me, where I get to explore the market at a leisurely pace without constantly being on the watch for small boys…

I must say I guess for the hecticness of my life right now I am blessed.  I never seem to find enough time for all things I want to fit into my life but I’m still trying to find a better balance to fit everything and more importantly everyone in!

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