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everyone seems to be a little surprised by my earlier announcement in selling Top50.  I thought that seeing as so many are asking perhaps I should answer all in one go.

I actually made the decision to sell a few months ago. (So no it has nothing to do with the new man Stephen – who actually isn’t really so new anymore lol).

For years I have been building Top50 and making it bigger, better and stronger and have never taken a break (I really should have taken one).  After I split with Steve the pressure was on even more so, to ensure that I would never have to go back to working in WorkCover insurance.  I came to the slow realisation that because of my years of work on Top50 I am a different person today than I was all those years ago. I no longer need to fear that workcover is my ONLY option if/when I need to return to the workforce. I have new skills and I have new confidence and I have a much larger social and business network.  I decided that it was in the best interests for both me and for Top50 to sell it to someone else.

So what will I do? take a well earned rest.  Once it is sold and the handover taken care of I am going to take a break from work and enjoy some time being a MUM!  Then I’m going to get my scrap room/desk cleared off and do some scrapping. I may or may not do a bit more on the SU front – that has yet to be decided but I will continue with it as I enjoy it and there really is little/no pressure involved.  There are many options if I need to return to work but for the moment I need to focus on being a Mum – I have a little one who wants to do the toilet training thing so he really needs me right now.

There is a lot good in my life right now. I have several people interested in purchasing top50 so will continue with my negotiations and see what happens.

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