In a better mood today

June 13, 2008 at 2:22 pm 1 comment

yesterday was a bad day.

It started at 7am when Brett got up and was going to get dressed.

At 8.50am he was finally dressed, I was horse from telling him to get dressed, I hadn’t eaten for running around after the others – mostly Brett and neither had Brett. We had to drive to school or be late. For Owen the idea of having to get a late pass is enough to bring on a major meltdown so late wasn’t an option (especially as he was ready on time). When we got home from dropping Owen at school Brett announced that now he would have some breakfast….I snapped. I told him NO, breakfast was finished. He took too long to get dressed so would have to MISS breakfast! well two or so hours of moaning that he was hungry and finally it was 10.30 and I announced we would have some morning tea!

Once he was at Kinder and Corey asleep I thought I would follow up on my wifi modem that Optus agreed to send me out (for a fee of $120 which would be reimbursed as credit on my bill). I was told it was only for new customers and I couldn’t have one. I argued that I could as

a. I had been promised I could have one

b. the site says new contract not new customer and I had agreed to a new contract

I also argued that it was false and misleading and I would speak to the ombudsman if need be….he went to speak with his supervisor and came back saying yes I could have one but only if I upped my plan by $10 a month for 3 months…I said NO – that is not what I was promised. He said that it was only offered on the $99 plan – I read it to him from the website on the 79 and the 89 plan…he advised he would speak to his supervisor and call back. He called back and said I could have it if I upped to the $99 (from 89) plan for 3 months and they would credit my account with $15 – I said again NO why should I pay more than what was agreed and I told him to try again and hung up.

So by the end of the day I was tired and very CRANKY.  Spoke to Stephen who advised he would be a bit late so it was decided that I would feed the kids and we would eat late. Kids had sausages in bread and a bath by which time I was more calm. Kids went to bed and I had a shower…almost sane again…Stephen turns up and cooks me dinner and then hands over a ‘divorce present’ SEASON 7 of the Gilmore Girls…not only calm and sane now HAPPY!

So fast forward to this morning….

Brett got dressed in time to have breakfast!

I helped at School – Owen is doing really well

Did some work, finalised the stamp club (SU) order and lodged it…then

rang optus.  Didn’t have to speak to stupid voice ‘recognition’ system – that’s a big plus. Spoke  to a gentleman (yes he was polite) who was then helpful and is going to track down the voice recording of the contract that was made to see if there is mention of the wifi modem – if there is it will be all sorted, if not then we will discuss it further – I guess it depends how much of the conversation was actually recorded. He has promised to call back today or tomorrow so definite progress on that front.

And you know what – it’s Friday, bloody cold but the sun is shining and WOW he just called me back. It wasn’t on the recording but he looked at my account and the fact that I have been with them for 9 years and there have never been any payment issues etc etc and decided to send a tech out on TUESDAY with my new wifi modem. He also informed me that if I speak to the mobile department and mention I’m on a fusion plan the will give me 10% off my monthly mobile bill!  Now that is how customer service SHOULD work!

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  • 1. Jen H  |  June 17, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    Oh dear there’s a run of it at the moment isnt there!! Glad Brett was much more compliant the next day! And yey re the Wifi!
    Jen H


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