Bye bye birdie…..

July 25, 2008 at 11:45 am Leave a comment

oh so many years ago in another life before kids I used to work in workcover insurance….

one day my immediate supervisor transferred a call through to me from our new member of staff in our Bendigo office telling her to ring me if she needed any questions answered (ie don’t bother her lol)…who would have guessed that we would become such good friends at that time.  Some silly french lady who didn’t understand that the term ‘silly cow’ was a friendly jest!  Since that day this girl became a part of my life. She didn’t just help me move house she was a whirlwind of packing frenzy. She stripped wall paper, she ripped up carpets and polished boards. She put up with my 8 month pregnant exhaustion. She helped me through the times when little baby Owen didn’t want to sleep…she took me to hospital when I had a gallbladder attack.

I knew that she was moving back home to France. I know she needs to go that she is doing what is best for her and for the kids. And yes I was going to miss her but hey we haven’t seen ‘that’ much of her lately anyway….but you know what…we didn’t need to see each other to stay friends. A little dinner and a chat was enough to remind me and you know what I am gunna miss that girl!  She is off soon to the airport….going home  and it is bitter-sweet for her as she goes home to so much but leaves stuff behind too.  Take girl and stay in touch cause I am gunna miss having you here.

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