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my little Joey Scout

a few weeks ago (a couple of weeks before the school holidays) Owen started going to Joey’s (Joey Scouts is for 6-7.5yr olds before they join Cub Scouts). He is having such a ball and was constantly asking me for a Joey Scout uniform.  He was allowed to wear the shirt before being invested so I bought one last week and gave it to him only to have him ask about the scarf and badges lol!

Anyway we got a call last night from ‘Echidna’ the Joey Scout leader who opened with ‘can you bring your camera to Joey Scouts on Monday (hmm she doesn’t know me too well yet of COURSE I can bring my camera)! She went on to say they were going to invest him on Monday night. Well I handed the phone over so she could tell Owen – wish I had the camera with me right then to get the BIG smile on his face as she told him!

I got the phone back and she started to say ‘about where you stand taking photos’ and I was thinking oh the restrictions etc etc….then she went on…’he only gets invested once you stand WHEREVER you need to, to get a good shot’  I LOVE this woman! she gets it!

I was even a good ‘single’ Mummy and rang his dad today to let him know and it appears that he will come too.  I do want daddy to support the Joey Scout thing as Owen really is loving it and I think it really can only do good things for him (his pead agreed).

His sleepover at scienceworks is not this weekend but next weekend too – man he is sooo excited!

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