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top50 is back up

at long last – apparently we got really busy?


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Top50 is down

I have been trying to get hold of Hosting Shop all afternoon with no luck as yet but hopefully it will be up soon. I am aware of the problem though and hopefully it will be back soon.

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School Holidays Day three and four

oops missed a day.

Day 3 Wednesday

dropped Corey off at daycare at 10am – wow it took them a long time to get dressed – not helped by the amount of time it took me to get out of bed I guess!

then we went to go visit a friend. The boys played so nicely with my friends daughter that she was able to get some scrapbooking done and I finished one of my shoes and got the next one started. Stephen came for dinner and I did a bit more sewing – am now just over half way through the second one. Our masks arrived for the masque ball at The Abbey, if you want to see what mine looks like it is here.

and onto today – Thursday (although technically yesterday by now I suppose)

The weather was cold but not looking wet so we got the train at about 11.30 and had a picnic near the Yarra. The kids played a bit in the playground before we headed to Melbourne Park. There was a bit of a delay in picking up our tickets (oh should I mention at this point that we were given FREE tickets to Disney on Ice) but it was all sorted after 20-30 min when someone arrived with them!  Owen was fascinated by the show. Brett and Corey were rapt for the first half but lost interest and became a little annoying in the 2nd half – you know fighting over who was going to sit where – Corey smashing his fingers into my glasses and trying to push them into my eye sockets etc….but I guess on the whole they were good. And no major tanty’s when I refused to spend my money on Disney merchandise – I mean come on – some examples for you – colouring book $9, gobstopper on  a stick with plastic mickey ears wrapper $6, a balloon $20, a cheap looking plastic sword $24!

we had some dimsims waiting for the train and just called that dinner as the kids were wrecked by the time we got home.

the people on the train were very patient as they were overtired and a little silly/naughty – they did improve a bit after a while and had people smiling at them but was glad to get them home and into bed.

plans for tomorrow – little boys to daycare, Owen with me. I need to do some work and get ready for the cybercrop tomorrow night (live from A Scrappe Angels Heaven in Werribee). Also need to find my belt that I picked up on the weekend and put somewhere……I need to dye it and put a buckle on it – omg we are leaving for the abbey in a week!

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School Holidays day two

still alive and kicking…

had to go to the plaza to take care of some banking. I had promised the boys I would buy them a Thomas book each (I love that a BOOK that costs me a whole $2.75 will make them so happy). We got books, took care of banking, got some coke, got Bonnie Boo’s birthday pressie then the boys saw the plaster fun house and wanted to have a go – I let them…then we had to wait for them to dry so we had a donut then collected them and got home at lunchtime – half the day gone!

Still we had lunch and the boys did some cutting (had also bought more kid scissors) and pasting and Owen drew a picture of himself with his teeth missing…rivetting stuff really.

I actually cooked a proper dinner – turkey chops with mashed sweet potatoes, peas and corn with chicken gravy….Owen actually ate it ALL (even though usually he would moan that he doesn’t like vegetables) Yay (not talking about the other two grrrr).

Still haven’t heard from the girl about the Disney on ice tickets (she was going to call when they were ready to collect) – bit nervous – glad I haven’t told the kids – hope it happens.

progress made on shoes – one is almost done.

oh and I got to preorder some stuff from the SU mini catalogue – can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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school holidays – day one

Agenda – 9.30-10.30 swimming lessons

at some point shop for prescription….

How did it go?

started with a sleep in til 8am – GOOD.

proceeded with the ongoing battle to get Brett dressed – BAD

swimming was good and Owen was excellent playing his leapster and watching quietly.

they all played nicely inside and outside for most of the day – after an initial session of whinging every 30seconds for an hour or so.

Shops – corey threw a wobbly – mostly as he was tired I suspect. In pj’s b4 dessert avoids the getting dressed war and bed and straight to sleep.

Tommorrow – we have to do the shops in the morning (payday) but that is it apart from awaiting a call to pick up our free tickets to see disney on ice for Thursday….it’s a surprise for the kids they have no idea.

hmm it might be a good time to do the list and not go near the shops for two weeks – hmmm

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