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I survived a Joey scout hike…

It’s funny but when Owen started to show an interest in camping and outdoorsy type stuff I thought that I would look into scouts for him. I was thinking he had to wait til he was 7 for cubs but as it turns out they have Joey Scouts now for 6-7.5yr olds.  I emailed for some info on Friday and got a call Sunday night saying hey bring him along tomorrow night! He has been going for a couple of months now. In that time he has already had a sleepover at scienceworks and today a hike in the You Yangs. He missed a hop (amazing race style event) in the city (as I already had made plans for the day) and roller-skating – he was at Daddy’s and I was sick.  He is loving Joey’s.  He has (by participating in the hike and sleepover) now earned himself his ‘adventure’ badge (he will be over the moon when he gets it)!  He is loving being active, they are re-enforcing the ideal of ‘helping other people’, his confidence is growing…all things that I hoped for….

the surprise came from another perspective…scouting apparently isn’t just about the scout – it’s a family thing.  The hike today was one that a parent had to join in with – thank goodness that Stephen came along to ‘look after’ Owen as Mummy was clearly bringing up the rear! But hey what else would have got me to walk up a very steep long hill? I hiked at a pretty steady (read definitely not the slow and gentle described in the notice) rate for two hours solid…and it didn’t rain until we were safely all downhill which is ace.  Not only that but just yesterday Stephen and I put a big family tent on layby with plans to take the boys camping over summer. Today I was informed that there was a Joey Scout family camp in November… who would have guessed that getting Owen into scouts would make me more active and get me outdoors more? But am enjoying spending the time outside with the boys…am remembering that I used to love camping…it’s all good. I knew that Joey’s would be good for Owen….I just wasn’t prepared with how good it would be for ME too!

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I scrapped!

yes well ok I scrapped two weeks ago so maybe the title should scream “I scanned”

I notice I haven’t scanned much at all this year so I must really as I have scrapped a little bit!

Thought I would share.

This first one is Brett’s birthday. Used the SU star punch and the SU round tab punch and stamps to make a pull out tab with numbers to match the stars thus explaining what is what!  The ‘Brett’ stamp with the kombi is a self inker that he got from his Aunty Sue (owner of Orange Jelly) for his Birthday. The Kombi is one specially cut for me by Rach at Happy Creations I just coloured it in with a white pen and SU markers.

This one I used stamps from Orange Jelly (called Judy’s Boys) and an arrow set also from Orange Jelly

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I want my morning back!

seriously I do….I took Owen to School then Brett for a make up swimming lesson (cause he missed a few) and then I had to pop into the doctors to get Corey a clearance certificate for daycare. Now even the point that he needed one annoyed me. Kid had a bit of the runs as a result of the antibiotics that he was on for his chest infection. He only goes to daycare once a week and was told that he HAD to have a clearance before he could go back…a joke…red tape gone mad. I mean really we have a doctor shortage enough in this town without making people do this sort of crap…so two and a half hours later got my cert after 2 second consultation and flew home in time to give the kids a lightening fast lunch and get Brett to kinder.

On the up side Owen is at school, Brett is at Kinder and Corey is asleep in his bed! Good ’cause I have work to do.

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cross off number 29

as of yesterday I went a WHOLE week without coke zero.

had a can today – really enjoyed it. Still have none in the fridge….still tomorrow is payday so who knows I have yet to decide if I should buy some or give it up.

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I’m alive!

wow the house and work can get so far behind when the kids get sick and then it gets me….I’ve had a couple of weeks of it really although the last few days when it hit ME were the worst BUT on the bright side today I feel sooo much better than before – I’d say great but that is really a perspective thing – great compared to earlier in the week but in reality not great in the broader perspective as I have been sooo much better lol! well I’m making sense aren’t I?!

catching up on work. gotta catch up on the housework too.

and about to go try to catch up on the identity crisis – aka change my name at centrelink and fill out the paperwork and post it to change it at the bank – not sure who I am anymore I sent two parcels the other day and one I put jude gall as the sender and one had crossley lol!

more later!

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almost Five

Wow….I know it is so cliché but oh how time sure flies….

5years ago the midwives were considering sending me home if nothing happened over night. I was sick with a really bad flu and really didn’t want to be in labour….he arrived at 6.07am…Granma’s birthday present (born on her birthday)!  A tiny 5lb 12 oz little boy…..who has grown into a 20kg bundle of giggles with his volume switch stuck on extra loud and his smile almost permanently attached and the giver of the most fierce bear hugs you ever got….no night is complete without a kiss and a cuddle and a bop on the nose!

Brett told me tonight that he was going to be ‘Bretty Boy’ tomorrow (a name he accumulated care of his most favouritist Aunty in the world).  He is sooooo excited about his birthday.  He has been fine today – went to kinder even as he was fine yesterday afternoon/evening and insisted on kinder this morning.

(on the other hand Owen was sent home from school – ventolin did nothing to ease the coughing so a trip to the dr’s he has a chest infection…am told to give it a few days to see if it clears up in case it is viral then to give him antibiotics if it hasn’t cleared up…having thought about that since I got home will get them tomorrow and start them as I don’t think the dr realised  how long it has been going on as I’ve been passing it off as asthma…and tonight he fell asleep – so he is home tomorrow – drs orders were to stay warm and not play any sport – mum’s orders – stay inside and do homework)….

and back to Bretty Boy!

He made a rocket at kinder today…was very excited and simply can’t wait for his birthday tomorrow (and the presents) and the party on Sunday oh and the lolly bags to hand out at kinder tomorrow!

I bought him some strawberries and told him he could have some for breakfast and I have promised lasagne and garlic bread for dinner.

after I made such a hash of his little orange bag to put his leapster in my mate at school has done an awesome job of remaking it and I just need to pop in some batteries and that will be one happy little boy I hope.

I have ‘annie and clarabel’ to wrap up from Owen and another train from Corey to round off a pretty cool morning. And a quiet afternoon at home as no school and no after school sport for Owen.

Brett is getting more interested in holding a pencil and drawing and writing now but still keeps going back to his left hand…he does do better with his right but I don’t want to push him – he needs to make a choice as to which hand he wants to use.  He is still cheeky and silly often – I suspect we have a class clown…but he still has a while to settle down before school. 5 is still blowing me away a bit…only one under 5 as of tomorrow…they are all growing up…

Some days I think I will blink and then will be talking about my 3 men instead of my 3 boys.

so turn out the lights and light the candles….happy birthday to you….happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear Bretty Boy, happy birthday too yoooouououuuuuuuuuuuu!

love you little man!

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baby steps…

Little by little I have been making inroads into the clutter that is currently my lounge/kitchen.  I am, however pleased to announce that I am making – and sustaining – definite progress!

Bretty Boy went to bed at 6pm tonight – no not naughty – he was tired and wanted to go to bed…hasn’t been at all well today – hope he picks up tomorrow as I would hate for him to spend another birthday sick.

I am also learning to ‘deal’ with a bf that wants to do stuff…and well learning to let him….I guess I have been independent so long I am fiercely so. The man announced the other day that HE would make Brett’s birthday cake…now of course that resulted in my deriding packet cakes and him saying that a good looking cake that tastes terrible is not good (to which of course I replied ‘are you saying my cakes taste like crap’)…you can see where this is going can’t you…it lead to ‘what so I’m not ever allowed to be involved with the kids…’ arghhh  so I rang maccas. They are cool with us supplying own cake. Compromise reached. He will make a cake for the birthday on Wednesday, I will make the party cake. Everyone (hopefully) happy.

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Big Trouble in little china….

I had my parent teacher interview today expecting it to be fairly simple and mostly good……not so….

my boy who’s school report said that he was a pleasure to teach has GONE.

His teacher got back after 2 weeks holiday plus 3 weeks long service to find instead an Owen who is wilfully disobedient. One who has not been able to focus on his work, has actually PUNCHED another kid in the playground and been generally disruptive.  He is meant to tell me if he has his name written in the ‘inappropriate behaviour book’ but this is the first I have heard of it! He is also meant to be watching out for things about the Olympics on TV and in newspapers – now had I known that I would have bought the odd paper or put the TV on for the news but no Owen didn’t tell me.

WE were looking at starting night time toilet training this week but I have decided to put it off a week and see if he settles back down at school first.  He promised that he will and he has done some homework tonight which is a good start.  I hope this is just a short blip in and things will go back to smooth sailing from here.

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50 things down to 49

cross off number 33 Take the boys to the miniature railway in Altona.

Done – a couple of weeks ago actually!

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Tagged by Cathy….

been a while since I have been ‘tagged’ so here goes…

Ten years ago:

August 1998  – Working as a Workcover claims officer, trying to save to buy a house.

Five Things on Today’s To-Do List:

  1. Top50 advertising stuff more up to date
  2. Parent/teacher interview
  3. Pick up Brett from kinder
  4. Cook dinner
  5. Do a load of washing (at least one and get it dry)

Snacks I Enjoy:
ok this has got to be weird but just lately – cheese flavoured corn crackers – yes I know they are a bit too healthy to be enjoyed so much!

Things I Would Do If I Was a Millionaire:
Apart from the bills/new house new car….I would like to set up an income stream to give me a modest/comfortable income forever so I can do a little travelling in the school holidays etc…would also love to buy a piano and have lessons.

Places (or areas) I Have Lived:
Glenelg SA, Penola SA, Mt Gambier SA, North Rocks NSW, Millicent SA, Warrnambool Vic, Werribee/hoppers Vic

4 People I am Tagging: (who hopefully haven’t already been tagged)


Virginia aka Vicky



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