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Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest is it not?

I did manage to get up at 9.30 wide awake which was a good start.  The mini album class went well last night although none of the girls finished their album – too much talking or was it too much eating? lol! Still it was fun.  Looking good for a re-run with a more girls next weekend too.

I got Owen’s sleeping bag sorted out after a trip to spotlight – I had to put a cord in the cover as it didn’t have one – even managed to get a red one! Got the deposit sorted out for our snow trip and nearly got caught up with dishes and washing so that’s all good!

Tomorrow is a good day. Owen’s normal teacher is back – we always loved her but all the more so after she has been gone for the first three weeks of term! The little boys have their swimming lessons. Owen is being invested into Joey Scouts and has to bring his sleeping bag etc as they are going to ‘practice’ for the sleepover on Friday…..LOTS happening but good stuff!  All good.

Oh and don’t forget midnight Monday for the cybercrop deadline! Next month Soovee is going to host (while I’m sliding down a mountain on a piece of plastic with a small boy)! she has some great ideas so it is promising to be lots of fun!

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